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What to know about artificial grass financing plans


Artificial Grass Financing Plans

artificial grass financing plansAt our warehouse, people often ask us about artificial grass financing plans. More specifically, they ask if they are available, and what do these financing plans entail? We have said many times that installing artificial turf is an investment. You reap the benefits over time in water savings, maintenance savings, saving time, and saving you from stress. That’s well and good, but what if you can’t handle the upfront cost at once? Luckily, many turf installation companies offer artificial grass financing, and municipalities offer rebates for converting your lawn to turf!

Unfortunately, at Artificial Turf Express, we don’t offer financing plans. These plans tend to be offered by installation companies. We only sell turf off the roll. If you’re looking for an installer, the likelihood that they’ll offer financing plans is high. Some examples of these plans are CaliforniaFIRST, HERO, Enerbank USA, and Green Sky. Choosing options like this can make the turf installation process far less financially daunting.

We have done many articles about the actual cost of artificial turf. Obviously, installing it yourself is far cheaper, but going with a professional is easier. We know that one of the biggest benefits of switching to a synthetic lawn is the environmental benefits. Investing in turf means participating in the reduction on foreign oil and fossil fuels. With so many municipalities on board for synthetic turf rebates, it’s excellent to see that everyone is doing their part.

It isn’t too late to convert your house or business to artificial turf! The environment and your bank account will certainly appreciate it! A traditional lawn costs an average of $11,500 on only maintenance. Around $2,300 of your family’s money is used for water bills! An artificial lawn means no watering, mowing, pesticides, or fertilizer. This means you have more time to spend doing things you love. Call Artificial Turf Express today at 408-317-4730!