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The Actual Cost of Artificial Turf


The Actual Cost of Artificial Turf

actual cost of artificial grass

One of the questions that we’re frequently asked is, “What is the actual cost of artificial turf?” Unfortunately, that question isn’t always easy to answer. It’s important to consider many things when buying turf. The biggest consideration to affect the cost of artificial turf is whether you’re or not you do the installation yourself.

If you’re savvy with tools and knowledgable about general landscaping techniques, maybe you’ll want to do the installation yourself. Doing it yourself is significantly cheaper than hiring installers. In either case, there are more costs than just the square footage of your turf. You’re probably going to be buying infill, base rock, turf glue, seam tape, and other necessities. You will also need a compactor for the base rock, measuring tape, rakes, and other items related to your project.

Option 1: Do It Yourself Artificial Turf Installation

When examining the cost of artificial turf for a DIY installation, we need to think about the area. After you measure and prep, it is time to purchase the turf. Because turf comes in 15 ft wide rolls, expect to buy up to 15 percent more turf than planned. The exception to this suggestion is if your installation area is a 15 foot wide rectangle. In fact, a rectangular area might cost less than a circular area because of not having to the turf together. Regardless, these tools add costs to your project.

the actual cost of artificial turfTo calculate the entire cost, let’s say that your installation area is 500 square feet. You have selected your turf, and decided to go with a product that costs $3.17 per square foot, like the Duraspine Spring Lite turf. With the overage prices, the total cost of the turf may be $1822.75 before tax (for 575 square feet of turf).

Through consulting with turf professionals, you discover that you’ll need approximately 2 or 3 pounds of sand per square foot, so you purchase 1,200 pounds of silica sand. The sand costs approximately $10.49 per pound, totaling at $1,258, which brings your total to about $3,081.55.

You will also need 5 pounds of turf staples ($17.35),= 25 feet of seam tape ($11.95), and 1 quart of turf glue ($15). Finally, for your 500 square foot installation, you’ll probably need about 5 yards of base rock, which will cost around $150. The total material cost will be approximately $3,275.85, which doesn’t include the cost of renting any tools. If you can borrow tools, then you may be able to get away with paying less than $3,5o0 from start to finish.


Option 2: Hiring a Professional Installer

cost of synthetic grassThe biggest and most obvious advantage to hiring a professional artificial turf installer is that they will do that job correctly. Professionals have a great deal of experience navigating complicated installations, and will also get the job done quickly. The DIY installer might take a week or more to do an installation, but the professional turf installer is likely to have it done in a weekend. For example, if you’re doing a large putting green, we recommend choosing a professional.

The largest drawback to hiring a professional installer is the cost. Jobs of approximately 500 square feet can cost up to $9,000 from a professional. This means that DIY artificial turf installation is about 3 times cheaper than hiring a professional. Some turf companies offer both services – selling and installing turf – while others only do one or the other.


Remember… Each Project is Different!

Regardless of hiring a professional or just buying turf, it’s essential to discuss your project with someone. This person should be experienced in turf installation as well as general landscaping. At Artificial Turf Express, we have an on-site general contractor that can help guide you through your project. We focus on only the DIY installer, but can refer plenty of qualified professionals. One way or another, you’ll be able to realize the full potential of your project!