DIY Landscape Turf

Our Artificial Grass Products come in a wide variety of colors and different styles. We sell products that are designed and engineered for virtually all types of use.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to give your yard a makeover, or an installation company serving your clients, we offer the best in quality turf products that suit your specific needs. All of our landscape turf products come with built-in UV protection, numerous face weight combinations and a variety of colors and styles.

Typically at any given time we have 15 types of landscape turf products in stock along with all the necessary items needed for the installation – the only thing we do not stock is base material. Depending on where you live, base can be delivered by your local yard or rockery.

We stock: various types of in-fill, seaming tape, staples, glue and other items to help with installation. Our landscape turf products have a variety of thatch colors that include, Tan, Olive and Green. Our prices range from $1.50/sq. ft. up to $5.30/sq. ft. in 15 ft widths. Specific pricing above.