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Your Guide to Cleaning the Best Artificial Turf in San Jose Around Pools


Besides reducing the risks of slips and falls, the best artificial turf in San Jose also simplifies poolside cleanups. It’s a breeze to maintain compared to conventional pool surrounds, and with this guide, you can keep your poolside turf in great shape effortlessly! 

The Hassles of Cleaning Up Other Poolside Floorings

Many homeowners struggle with messy, demanding pool decks. Here’s why common poolside groundcovers can be a hassle to maintain. 

Concrete and Pavers

These elegant hardscapes crack and stain easily. Pressure washing rescues them temporarily but involves costly sealing maintenance. Pests also nest between regions.

Natural Grass

Real grass around pools constantly battles chlorine damage. Without perfect upkeep, it develops brown spots or unsafe unevenness. Mud puddles are also a common sight. 

Dirt and Gravel

While porous, these options breed mosquitos and track mud indoors and into the pool. 

Why Poolside Artificial Grass Is Easier to Clean

The best artificial turf in San Jose near pools stays tidy thanks to its resilient fibers and backing. Unlike other surfaces, it doesn’t absorb stains and take damage easily.

The features that make it water-wise also facilitate cleaning. While splashing creates mud around other materials, the water instantly drains through artificial turf.

Its dense turf prevents debris from sinking in during use, though regular sweeping removes anything on top. Pressure washing or hosing it down flushes away sand and grime effortlessly without harming the grass.

Stains pose no obstacle either. Rather than soaking in or obscuring designs like concrete, marks are easy to remove with a quick scrub or sunlight's bleaching UV rays. 

Most impressively, antimicrobial yarns and infill resist mold, algae, and odors that plague wet surfaces. Without musty smells attracting more dirt and pests, artificial turf disinfects to a fresh, neutral state.

Pool chemicals also present no problems, as the polyethylene grass retains its brilliant color against chlorine without damage. A fast spray and rinse keeps it not only clean but also safe from microbial growth near the water feature.

How to Clean Poolside Artificial Grass

Follow these steps to clean poolside artificial grass after hours of use. 

1. Sweep Away Debris

The first step is to sweep loose dirt, leaves, or pet hair with a standard broom to remove anything dry. Sweep across and against the grain of the turf for optimal debris removal.

2. Hose It Down

Equip your hose with a spray nozzle that provides a strong jet stream. Starting from the top of the lawn, spray down the entire surface using overlapping motions front to back and side to side. The forceful water will flush away embedded dirt.

3. Scrub Stubborn Spots

For tougher stains, mix a solution of dish soap and water in a pump spray bottle. Lightly mist problem areas and scrub with a soft brush to cut through oil-based messes like footprints or food spills. Avoid harsh chemicals that could degrade the turf.

4. Rinse Thoroughly

Once scrubbing is complete, rinse the entire turf surface with the hose again until the water runs clear. This ensures all soapy residue is eliminated to keep the turf safely dry before use.

How to Disinfect Poolside Artificial Turf

Sanitizing your artificial grass pool surrounds is as easy as following these four steps. 

1. Choose Your Disinfectant

Diluted bleach solutions are some people’s go-to disinfectant for synthetic turf installations. However, you can also use alternatives like vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and commercial disinfectants. 

2. Apply a Liberal Coating

Thoroughly spray the disinfectant all over the artificial turf from a standing position until fully coated but not puddled or pooled. Be cautious around any surrounding plants.

3. Let Sit Briefly

Leave the disinfecting solution on the grass for no less than 10 minutes to sanitize properly. It will interact with any microbes on contact.

4. Flush with Water

Once the recommended time has elapsed, flush away all bleach residues by thoroughly rinsing the entire lawn surface with copious fresh water from the hose. Proper rinsing protects beneficial bacteria and avoids irritation.

Why Disinfect Poolside Artificial Grass?

It is crucial to properly disinfect poolside artificial turf regularly for health and safety reasons. After all, the area surrounding a swimming pool sees a high volume of human and potentially animal traffic throughout the day. 

Young children also frequently play barefoot on the grass, making them more susceptible to touching pathogens. Meanwhile, the chlorinated water could serve as a breeding ground for microbes like bacteria and viruses. 

While the best artificial turf in San Jose resists absorbing these organisms better than porous surfaces, disinfection eliminates any risk of contamination. A quick spray of disinfectant pairs the convenience of synthetic grass with the peace of mind that comes from a sanitized recreational area. 

Keep Your Poolside Area Clean and Pristine

With its low demands and sanitary benefits, artificial grass creates the ideal deck around any pool. Transform your home pool into a maintenance-free amenity! 

Artificial Turf Express carries everything you need to install high-quality synthetic turf around your pool. All our products are on hand and ready for pick up, so all you need to do is visit our shop. 

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