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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Artificial Turf for Your Yard

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Synthetic grass is an excellent alternative to natural turf. Not only does it require minimal maintenance, but it’s also safe, durable, and versatile. In addition, it’s not subject to natural landscaping problems like pests, fungus, and inconsistent grass growth. Give your home a lush, green lawn without dealing with the hassles that come with maintaining real grass. Invest in the best artificial turf for your home!

What to Consider Before Shopping for Turf

The first thing to consider before making a purchase is the amount of traffic in your yard. Consider the places that you want to cover with artificial turf. Take note of the following details to determine the ideal type of synthetic grass for your home:


Unless you’re keeping a lawn solely for aesthetic purposes, you need to take note of how you will use it before you shop for artificial grass. This will help you identify what features to look for. Consider the following:

• As a play area for the children – Select a turf type that’s safe, toxic-free, and durable. Find one with soft blades and thick padding to minimize scrapes, bruises, and other play-related injuries.  

• As a romping area for dogs – Consider one that’s pet-proof, pet-safe, and pet-friendly. Find a turf that’s resistant to pet waste, has an efficient drainage system, and can withstand boisterous play.

• As a garden – Look for a turf type that wouldn’t look out of place with your greeneries. It must also feature an efficient drainage system.

• As a venue for group gatherings – Choose one that can withstand foot traffic and wear and tear.

• As sports venue – Get a turf that’s suited for the games you play. For intense sports like football, opt for artificial grass that’s damage resistant. For games that involve a customized terrain like golf, invest in the best putting greens in your area — they’re crucial to having flat, consistent, and damage-free golfing grounds.

Weather Conditions

Although artificial turf generally withstands most weather conditions, it still pays to invest in grass that’s specifically resistant to the weather conditions common in your area. If you live somewhere that’s flood-prone, for instance, choose a turf with a heavy-duty drainage system. It’ll drain water faster.

How to Find the Right Synthetic Grass for Your Home

With the diverse selection of artificial turf available today, you need to be selective. Keep these tips in mind to narrow down your options and find the perfect synthetic grass for your home:

  • Browse artificial turf sites with a purpose. Don’t search for synthetic grass online aimlessly. Keep an eye out for these features when browsing online:

• Durable material
• Easy to maintain
• Low-maintenance
• Efficient drainage system
• Durable or wear and tear resistant
• Pet-proof
• Resistant to pet-inflicted damage
• Resistant to extreme weather conditions
• Soft texture
• Natural or realistic-looking turf  
• 5-10+ years product guarantee

If a turf provider highlights these features on their site, it means that they are offering quality artificial grass. Be warned, however. Some sellers claim these traits even if their products don’t feature them, so don’t base your decision solely on how many times these words are mentioned. Use them as a guide to find the best artificial turf in San Jose.

  • Don’t settle for less.  Focus on what you need (e.g., soft bristles and an efficient drainage system for your pet). Don’t let discounts and purchase deals push you into buying something that lacks what you require.
  • Ask your potential providers for turf samples. Take home the sample materials and lay them on your target location. It’s the best way to find out if they have the ideal height, durability, and texture for your home. If you have pets, determine if the material is easy on the paws as well.
  • Try before you buy. Once you’ve chosen an artificial turf, don’t be hasty with your purchase. If you’ve found it online, visit the store and ask for assistance to examine the grass material before taking it to the counter. Make sure that it’s lush and consistent. Check for patches and bald spots. Take note of its finish as well; ensure it looks realistic and exactly like advertised online.

Choose the Perfect Turf for Your Yard!

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