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Why Worry With Weeds? Synthetic Grass Lawns Do the Trick


Oh, weeds! The dreaded subject of any lawn care person. Weeds always seem to pop up everywhere and anywhere, but with a synthetic grass lawn you will not need to worry about weeds any longer.

Yes, even with the installation of your own synthetic lawn, you will still spot a few weeds sprouting up in your lawn, but not to worry they will not grow big. When you install your own synthetic grass you will see that there is a sand infill to help disperse any moisture in your lawn. Well this sand infill can actually provide a hydroponic environment, which is friendly for weeds to grown in. The synthetic grass also has a backing which is strong enough to keep the roots of the weeds from growing into the soil.

The synthetic grass is going to have very few weeds growing in it, but by following these simple cleaning steps you can help keep your lawn weed free.

Simple Clean Steps for a Synthetic Lawn

  1. Check for excess water. Take a walk around your lawn and inspect for any areas that are holding excess water.
  2. Remove excess water, if found. You can do this with a standard handheld water pump that will compress the turf to squeeze the water out and collect it.
  3. Sweep the turf. This can be done with a broom or dust mop, just be sure to press firmly to apply a good amount of pressure as you sweep.
  4. Pressure wash. If it has been a while that you have not gotten around to cleaning your turf, you can simply pressure wash it. The pressure washer will help remove any stains or discoloring your turf may acquire.
  5. Set a schedule. Although your turf lawn will not need much care you will need to maintain it by cleaning it regularly, once a month or so.