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When Is The Best Time To Install Artificial Turf


when is the best time to install artificial turfWhen thinking about having artificial grass installed one may be wondering when is the best time to do so. Or if there even is a best time. In this article there is information to help one through the process of consideration. Here are a few of important things to think about when choosing when to install artificial grass.

  • The best time to install artificial turf is during the day. Okay, obviously kidding. The first thing is always going to be convenience! Whenever is best for you is when you should have artificial turf installed. Among the different things that you can consider, making sure that the installation of your new lawn doesn’t affect the day to day life of you or your family.
  • Generally speaking, an ideal time to have artificial turf installed would be during the fall season. Having artificial turf installed in preparation for the spring and summer months is a great idea. And statistically, the cooler months (December through February) are less busy for contractors. Meaning the pick ins a’ plenty for deciding just who will be in charge of beautifying your home.
  • Depending on your experience with your home you may want to consider past issues you may have had. Like when in the year is your yard not so often used. Or around when in the year is your yard most unmanageable, and try to avoid scheduling an install then. For example, during the rainy season is your yard a complete and utter muddy mess? It would probably be ideal for you to plan an install before the wet weather rolls in.
  • Which bring to this point, in general try to avoid scheduling installations during the rainy season. Many installations are put on hold when rain interferes with getting dirt out of the installation site. Rain can make installations less productive and quite possible affect the look of your yard when complete.

So in the end after considering all your options and possible issues you’ll know when is best to install your new lawn. Certainly each person is different so think on these few ideas along with your personal preferences and worries before committing to anything. In the end, as long as you get artificial turf installed and it is everything you want it to be is whats most important.