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What is putting green carpet?


What is putting green carpet, and how is it different than an artificial turf putting green?

installing putting green carpet outdoorsPutting green carpet has been installed in a variety of places including offices, homes, recreational centers and more. Most of us are familiar with the putting green carpet that we see at mini-golf facilities. They can be crafted into different slopes as well as manipulated for a variety of fun uses. At Artificial Turf Express, we’re frequently asked questions about installing artificial grass putting greens. We have experience with two specific types of putting green turf, our low-infill product and our pro putting green product.

Putting Green Carpet vs Artificial Turf Putting Greens

First and foremost, we do not carry putting green carpet as one of our products. Traditionally, these types of products are very cheap, and are not meant to mimic actual putting greens. They may have a similar functionality, but as far as improving your short game, they have some big problems. The biggest problem with putting green carpet is that it does not play like an actual putting green.

With artificial turf, it is specifically designed to play like a genuine putting green, so your ball speed will be similar to a natural grass green. In fact, our pro putting green turf actually features an adjustable ball speed, and can be measured using a stimp meter.

With putting green carpet, it just lays on top of an existing surface, so its ability to impact your short game is lacking. Despite this, putting green carpet may be more appropriate for leisure golfers. Its primary advantage is that it is portable. You can roll it up and transport it from your office to your home, or even bring it to a party. Artificial turf putting greens are far more permanent because they require a serious installation process.

putting green carpet for indoor useAs a company, our focus is on artificial turf, so putting green carpet isn’t a priority for us. While it’s definitely more affordable, it provides less overall value for a golfer. Obviously, not everyone is looking for a permanent installation. Maybe you’re just looking to golf a little bit at the office, or want a small recreational surface for family gatherings. If so, putting green carpet is definitely the best option. However if you’re looking to have an authentic golf experience, putting green carpet is not going to cut it. Click here to learn more about our putting green products!