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Using Synthetic Grass for Dogs at Pet Facilities


When it’s time for a vacation and you have to leave your furry friend behind, what do you seek in a dog boarder? After cleanliness, a safe atmosphere, and a helpful staff, the pet facility should have a great outdoor facility to allow for your pup to play and release all of their energy! Which is why you should look for a pet facility with a lawn made of synthetic grass for dogs! This type of lawn gives your dog a great where they can smell, scrape, dig, nose, race, roll and play. They could lie in the shade, go after squirrels, bark up trees and more. A big area of yard creates really happy pup!

So we ask you: How many pet boarders have you discovered where the backyard is an outright wreck– half dirt, rocks and weeds? The deterioration that happens in pet boarders, humane societies, and pet owners back yards can be devastating to lawns. It is very common to see pee areas, digging spots, and basic trampling create bald spots which quickly destroys the beauty of your lawn. Trying to maintain these area for homeowners and pet facilities can be a real pain in the neck. That why these areas should look into installing artificial grass for dogs to keep their outdoor facility looking great!

Synthetic grass for dogs from Artificial Turf Express can keep your lawn looking great, while creating a clean place for your energetic pets to enjoy.  A large portion of our consumers are pet dog owners or boarders; Such as the Humane Society, animal resorts, pet dog facilities and also kennels.

Our synthetic grass for dogs are created to have better drain system compared to normal turf, plus it is anti-microbial, non-toxic and doesn’t require fertilizer like a normal lawn. You can expect our turf to last 20+ years, which will give you plenty of time to recoup the cost by eliminating all the maintenance you can expect for those 20 years!

Think of all the things you will eliminate by installing artificial turf for dogs:

  • Less Baths
  • No doggy dug holes
  • No more messy pet facilities or homes after they get dirty outside
  • Less lawn maintenance trying to keep your lawn beautiful after those dogs wreck it
  • and much more

Contact Artificial Turf Express for all of your artificial turf needs. We can help you create the perfect backyard oasis for you and your dog! Stop dealing with an ugly lawn caused by pet traffic. Convert your lawn today!