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Unique Ways You Can Use Artificial Grass In Your Lawn!


Everyone wants a beautiful yard, but some want more than just a well-maintained lawn. They want something different from other yards that comes only with a true landscaped design. Artificial grass allows for many options in creating the perfect landscape.

The Shade of Design

The first thing to realize in creating a landscaping design using artificial turf is there are many shades of the product that can be used in your design. Some ideas include a turf checkerboard pattern with the different shades. That can also be accomplished using rock, cobblestone or concrete elements with your artificial grass.

Many find artificial turf to be a great addition to their pool and patio areas. These areas are typically troublesome to maintain and sometimes include a mix of small grassy areas with concrete, rock or cobblestone. Artificial grass mixes well with these elements and can also be intermingled with your natural areas where real plants and flowers grow.

Different Uses of Artificial Turf

The faux grass can be used to create a path or walkway instead of using concrete, giving your home a more natural look. Artificial grass can also be used in eliminate problem areas, such as in areas where weeds tend to grow or in shady areas where there isn’t enough sunlight to grow natural grass. Many people use artificial turf around flower beds to keep the flower beds distinct from the rest of the yard. This means they will no longer need to edge and trim around the beds to make them look perfect year-round.

Homeowners can also incorporate outdoor play areas into their design using artificial grass. It is excellent for children’s playgrounds as it is durable and safe. Other uses include using it with a pavilion or gazebo to create a picnic space and creating a tennis or volleyball court.It also works well for putting greens and dog runs.

Those who use it for pet areas find it incredibly helpful in several ways. Dogs and cats can’t dig up artificial turf like they do natural grass and dirt. They stay cleaner, so there are fewer baths afterward. One of the biggest advantages of using synthetic grass for pet areas is it reduces the number of pests like fleas. That is great for your family and your pet.

Practical Benefits of Artificial Grass

Those who use artificial turf often choose it for practical reasons such as:

  • It doesn’t need to be watered.
  • Artificial grass is low maintenance.
  • It doesn’t fade.
  • Its durability makes it great for high-traffic areas.
  • It saves on costs over a 10-year period.
  • It grows where natural grass won’t.

Homeowners find the beauty of artificial turf in their landscape designs is an added bonus to the numerous other benefits. That makes it an easy purchase decision. Check out some of our artificial turf products.