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Tools needed for D.I.Y. Synthetic Grass Installation


Getting ready to install your Artificial Turf Express synthetic grass but not sure where to start? The ATE team has put together a list of tools needed to make your installation as easy as possible.

Specialty Tools:

• Seaming Cloth (1 roll = 15 feet)
• Seaming Glue (1 qt. = 15 feet)
• Landscape Stakes (25 per package)
• Turf Rake (for bristle fibers)
• Hand Tamper (for outdoors applications)
• Sprinkler Caps (if needed)

Common Tools:

• Utility Knife
• Hammer
• Yard Rake
• Shovel
• Wheelbarrow
• Tape Measure
• Marking Paint
• Garden Hose
• Wide Shop Broom

Having the proper tools for the job makes any D.I.Y. project run smoother. Need a little more help? Visit our Artificial Grass Warehouse and Superstore in San Jose, CA. Your one stop shop for everything you’ll need to install artificial turf. All products in stock and ready for pick-up. Same day pick up or call ahead. Check out our Free Do it Yourself Artificial Turf Installation Guide.

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