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Things You Should Know About Chinese Synthetic Grass


5 Things To Know About Chinese Synthetic Grass low qualityMany customers planning on installing synthetic grass into at their home must consider a few things. No matter where you’re buying your synthetic grass. No matter which manufacturer made it or the contractor installing it. Quality is and should be your utmost priority! In today’s blog we will be going over some interesting things you should know about Chinese synthetic grass. Especially when considering installing a new lawn.

Consider buying from reputable companies and contractors

Things you should know about chinese synthetic grass replaced because low quality after only two yearsIt isn’t too often customers are displeased with their synthetic grass or the installation. Although there have been the occasional “hack jobs” and hasty installations. One example is one of a little over two years ago. A woman who had Chinese synthetic grass installed in her backyard had an issue with its longevity. After only two and a half years her synthetic grass began to flake, fall apart and began staining the paws of her dogs! Luckily for her, a couple companies went out of their way to make things right. They helped the woman with removal and installation of brand new synthetic grass in its place. This particular synthetic grass was bought from overseas in China. Just one of the many things you should know about Chinese synthetic grass.

Do your research!

things to know about chinese synthetic grass damaged turfDoing the research necessary can often times save you from issue like the one above. Being sure to purchase quality synthetic grass as well as a reputable licensed contractor to have it installed. This will save you a ton of hassle and most certainly a ton of money! Using the internet to check reviews on companies and synthetic grass is very important. You should consider this before making any decisions in the dark. Also, it would be key to check if the synthetic grass is covered by some sort of warranty. One that will be honored in case something were to happen.

When it comes to products overseas…

things you should know about chinese synthetic grass quality control and specifications checkBe certain of the quality of the product your purchasing. You may also want to look into if that product is made to United States specification. Meaning, that the products go through a quality control process that meets US standards. There was a case where melamine dog food imported from China had to be recalled and destroyed due to the harm done to dogs and cats that ate it. Be certain of the quality and the standards of whichever product you may be buying overseas so not to run into a nightmarish catastrophe of your own! A simple google search, can help shed light on the company you wish to purchase from. With a small amount of due diligence you can save yourself a world of problems!

All in all…

There are some very good quality Chinese synthetic grass out there but it pays to be cautious. Nothing can irk a person more than spending a large amount of money on a product and having it deteriorate before its time. It is an important thing to remember that you get what you pay for, and even then its not guaranteed. In closing, do your research and make sure to ask any questions you can regarding the quality, the warranty and the manufacturing of the synthetic grass you’re interested in buying. Be certain to check how reputable your contractor is and if he’s done jobs similar to your lawn. With the things that you should know about Chinese synthetic grass you can help prevent unnecessary headaches down the road.