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Six Things to Know About Synthetic Lawns


Things to Know about Synthetic Lawns

Artificial turf — you may have seen it in sporting arenas or in your neighbor’s yard. Maybe you didn’t even know it was synthetic. Perhaps you’re beginning to research on turf and don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re wondering if synthetic lawns are the best choice for your yard? Well, here are six things to know about synthetic lawns!

synthetic grass uses

Artificial grass requires no watering.

For every hour of time you invest watering your lawn, you are using of hundreds of gallons of water. The typical California Lawn consumes roughly 50,000 gallons of water a year. Because of this, many municipalities are offering rebates for people who replace their lawn with turf. You can find that information here.

Artificial grass has grown since the days of AstroTurf

The synthetic turf we have today is nothing like old school AstroTurf. The turf industry has developed many techniques to make synthetic grass look and feel much more realistic.

backyard-dreams-turf-for-kidsArtificial turf has many creative uses

People often use turf in their backyards for beautification. Do you feel like you invest even more time maintaining your backyard than enjoying it? If so, you can use turf to spruce up an existing backyard, or you can add an entirely new dimension to it. Artificial grass can be mounted anywhere, whether it’s on concrete or over base rock. The benefit of this is that they turf can fit any dimensions, making it excellent for creating a brand-new backyard.

Artificial turf is more durable than natural grass

Artificial yards will not pass away from the scorching warm of the summertime. It also will withstand the freezing cold of the winter. Turf is also better for surviving damage and odors from pets.

Synthetic lawns are perfect for pets

dog-friendly-pet-turfThere actually isn’t a better option for canine than replacing your lawn with turf. Some items also have unique drainage to fit pet waste. All you’ll have to do is wash off the remaining water and spray down the yard — your fabricated yard will certainly look brand-new!

Synthetic lawns are safe

There have been many articles published questioning the safety of artificial turf. In many studies, researchers have concluded that turf is safe for both kids and pets. Some people are cautious about the use of crumb rubber, however there has never been any direct evidence of its carcinogenic properties. In fact, many prominent dog trainers, such a Cesar Millan, have endorsed the use of turf for pets.