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Terms You Should Know When Shopping for Synthetic Grass


When you’re shopping for synthetic grass there are a lot of terms you may not be so familiar with. To become more familiar with the terms I have written a short explanation for each of them to help you become more knowledgeable and understand what you are purchasing.

Pile Weight:

  • Pile weight is also known as the turfs face weight or sewn face weight.
  • Simply put – it is how much the yarn weighs per square yard, commonly measured in ounces per yard squared or grams per yard squared.
  • In other words, the higher the pile weight, most likely the higher the quality and durability.
  • Range commonly used: 28oz per yard squared or less, 106oz per yard squared or greater.

Pile Height:

  • Pile height is referred to how tall the blades of grass are.
  • Range commonly used: 1.50” to 1.75”
  • A shorter pile height is commonly used in areas with high traffic or sports, where a longer pile height would be used in a park or for a office complex.


  • The gauge is known as the distance or width between the rows of blades.
  • Range commonly used: 5/16”, 3/8”, ½”, and ¾”.
  • It is suggested as better to use tighter-packed blades on areas such as a putting green; where, a wider gauge is more commonly used in athletic fields.

Stitch Rate/Stitch Count:

  • The stitch rate or count is the number of blades or tufts per square inch.
  • Simply put, the higher the count for stitch rate the greater the quality of grass.

The process of picking out your synthetic turf should be a lot simpler once you become familiar with these terms. Picking out synthetic turf can be a lot of fun, looking at the different colors, heights, textures but being fully knowledgeable will help you understand what your buying better.