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Talk About a Hot Mess … Get the Best Infill for Synthetic Grass


After working all day, you come home ready for a relaxing evening outside, sharing a few cocktails, firing up the grill, watching the sun set, and just generally making good use of the outdoor areas you’ve worked so hard to create.

But what’s that awful smell??

Take a guess. If your dogs have had the run of the yard – and the day has been warm and sunny – the ammonia in the pet waste has probably turned from liquid to gas. The gas molecules in the air head directly for your nose. Ewww!

Sure, pet waste can be hosed off any artificial grass surface. But the secret to solving the odor problem is not in the turf. It’s in the infill.

That’s why we have partnered with ZeoFill Inc. to offer the best artificial grass pet deodorizer and heat-reducing infill. So why is ZeoFill® best?

ZeoFill is 97.6% pure Clinoptilolite, a natural silicate zeolite whose crystals were formed when volcanic molten lava met the sea in ancient times. These organic crystals have a microporous, honeycomb-like structure with a negative charge, which attract liquid ions that carry a positive charge. These honeycomb-shaped chambers bind and confine the liquid (yes, ammonia is a positively charged liquid), effectively holding onto the toxins and preventing them from gasifying. Voila! No smell.

OK, now that we’re rid of the mess, what about the hot?

Because ZeoFill is 100% permeable, its molecular structure retains more of the cooling effect of rainwater, through a natural process called evapotranspiration. ZeoFill cools artificial turf fibers as much as 20 degrees in exactly the same way nature cools natural sod.

Be careful to specify the ZeoFill® brand, not simply zeolite. Other zeolite products are often made of zeolite particles that landed on contaminated surfaces (instead of clean seawater) so are usually lower in purity. Only ZeoFill is 100% natural and environmentally friendly. Safe for children and pets, ZeoFill does not harm the body if swallowed or inhaled; in fact, Clinoptilolite zeolite is used for detoxing and removing hazardous materials from the body and is being investigated for its potential in the treatment of cancer.

Ask me about the advantages of using infill that is approved by major turf manufacturers worldwide. Or just follow your nose.

ArtificialTurfExpress is the Bay Area’s official Zeofill distributor. Call us for more details.