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Make Your Lawn Safer For Children And Cleaner for your Home with Synthetic Turf


Children love to play and parents get some relief when the kids play outside. However, outdoor play can be troublesome too. Children can scrape elbows or knees, but also can be exposed to things like pesticides, fertilizers and pests. This can cause them long-term health issues.

Synthetic turf reduces or eliminates many of those problems. This makes it a great choice for parents who want their children to enjoy the outside more instead of participating in activities like gaming or social media. Outdoor play provides exercise and studies show it also increases imagination and problem-solving skills.

Artificial Turf Lessens Injuries

Artificial grass is a clean, safe alternative to natural grass in many way. One of the most obvious ways is that it is less abrasive. Rough play, falling and rolling on it will reduce the number of scars or tear-eyed children coming into the house with boo-boos. It also will soften the fall that children will, undoubtedly, experience. The infill materials of synthetic turf acts as a shock absorber, so falls aren’t as hard as on natural grass and dirt.

Artificial Grass Reduces Bacteria

Synthetic turf makes outdoor spaces safer for children in other ways that aren’t as obvious. The surface of artificial turf is more resistant to bacteria than natural grass. There are certain types of infills that also contain a coating that prevents bacteria from spreading. This proves helpful if you have dogs, cats or other pets who also use the yard.

Artificial Turf Eliminates Chemicals

Once artificial grass is installed, you will no longer need fertilizers or pesticides. That helps improve the long-term health of your children. Studies have shown that children tend to have higher percentages of such chemicals in their bodies. This is largely because they play on the ground, close to the chemicals. Those percentages can be reduced once you stopping using the chemicals.

Artificial Grass Reduces Pests

Another benefit of synthetic turf for your children is pest reduction. Artificial turf creates a barrier to the dirt, where insects nest and feed. Eliminating insects’ food and nesting sources reduces the number of bugs in your yard. That means less bug bites for your kiddos.

Besides injuries, bug bites and chemical exposure, many parents face another challenge with outdoor play. Typically, kids come into the house dirty. That means baths and more laundry. Both can be reduced with synthetic turf. Artificial grass, with the barrier to the dirt, doesn’t leave either grass or dirt on your kids or their clothes. Less laundry and bath times will leave you happier and more relaxed after outdoor time.

Synthetic turf could make your outside so enjoyable your children will want to stay outside most of the time! This will be good for them and you!