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Synthetic Turf And Pools Are A Perfect Match… See How Turf Helps


Homeowners with swimming pools sometimes struggle with issues like keeping the pool area well groomed, keeping debris out of the pool and keeping an eye on children while the family enjoys time poolside.

Many are discovering that synthetic turf around their pool is the answer to these common problems.

Beautify Your Pool Area

Synthetic turf’s main advantage over natural grass is that it remains beautiful throughout the year, no matter what the weather. It stays green in winter and doesn’t dry out in summer.

Another plus of synthetic turf is its low maintenance. It doesn’t grow, so you won’t need to cut or trim it. It doesn’t need water, fertilizer or any of the other products people must put on natural grass lawns. That means you can have more time with your family playing in the water!

Keeping Your Pool Clean

Synthetic turf doesn’t shed like natural grass, so blades won’t end up in the pool. Its mesh backing covering the ground prevents mud and dirt from getting into your swimming pool. With synthetic grass, children can break away from the pool to play on grassy areas while adults talk, and hop back in the pool without bringing any grass or dirt into the pool. Less time cleaning your pool means you will have more time enjoying it!

Children Are Safer

Children and pets will no longer burn their feet as they walk around the pool area. Concrete, stone, and brick all hold heat much more than synthetic grass, so they are hot on the feet and can ruin pool time. Synthetic turf offers a cushion on feet, blades that look just like the real thing, and is cooler to walk on.

Other Benefits Around the Pool

Synthetic turf has a couple of other advantages over natural grass when it comes to pool areas. First, drainage is part of the installation process. Synthetic turf is installed with a drainage plan. So, in the pool areas, water splashed around the area will not create mud or puddles. It drains into the synthetic turf system and away from your property.

Another benefit of synthetic grass is you can get infill with an anti-microbial coating that helps prevent bacteria from spreading. That means germs from your pool, from pets, and even from other children can be halted from spreading with this infill.

Synthetic grass can also help reduce bugs around your pool. Artificial turf covers dirt, that insects need to feed and breed. A lack of a food source and breeding area forces insects to migrate elsewhere.

The other benefit of installing synthetic turf is lower water bills. You are going to have some higher water and electricity bills because of the pool, but water bills can be reduced now that you won’t need to water your lawn throughout the summer. You will also save money in other ways, such as not buying gas for a lawn mower or weed eater, no longer needing repairs on your lawn equipment, and no longer buying things like fertilizer or lawn chemicals.

Those who have synthetic turf installed in their pool areas find it makes their summers more enjoyable. It looks awesome, but with little work. That makes for a perfectly relaxing summer by the pool.