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Unknown Benefits of Synthetic Turf – Lose The Insects


Many people don’t know the many benefits of artificial turf. The commons ones are often highlighted, while the lesser known benefits remain uncovered. In this article, we will highlight one unknown benefit of synthetic turf – How it helps eliminate the number of insects in your yard!

Biting ants and having to swat away mosquitoes and flies can make it very difficult to enjoy your yard. These insects can quickly turn a very enjoyable afternoon into a nightmare. If this is a common theme of your yard, then it may be time to consider installing synthetic turf.

How Synthetic Turf Eliminates Insects

Insects thrive off of water and soil. Without these two elements, insects are can be eliminated, but with a natural lawn, these two things can’t be eliminated. That’s how artificial turf can help reduce and nearly eliminate the insect population in your lawn.

By eliminating soil, artificial turf less attractive to pests like ants. Rather than a soil base, fake grass has a rubber infill, which is no place for insects to live and survive. Your bug numbers will go down significantly by installing a synthetic lawn. The soil will remain under the turf, but pest can no longer access it like they once did, which will start cutting down on its total population.

Of course, we can’t completely eliminate water, but we can eliminate water build up. Mosquitoes thrive in water puddles that can easily sit on your lawn for days! This puddle can become a reproduction and feeding swamp for these pests. Synthetic turf has great draining capabilities, which keeps water from puddling and helps your lawn to dry quickly!

With fewer bugs, you will have less lawn work and no chemical pesticides. By eliminating pests, you will also eliminate the need to treat your grass, yard or deck with toxins that kill pests. So not only will you save money and time eliminating this task, but you will also receive an added benefit of a healthier yard. These pesticides are not good for you and your family and by installing turf you can eliminate your dependency on them.

Stop The Annoying Pests

Don’t go through another season dealing with the annoyance of pests. You can do something about them while beautifying your lawn! Call Artificial Turf Express to learn about all of our artificial turf products.