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Time to Make Your Outdoor Activities Awesome By Installing Synthetic Turf


The great outdoors can be a wonderful use of space, if you design it well. A well-designed space can even be considered an additional living space to your home. It has the potential to be the perfect spot where everyone wants to gather. Synthetic turf is one option for creating your ideal outdoor space.

Anchoring Your Space with Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf anchors your outdoor area, much like a designer rug anchors your family room. This faux grass also serves a designer purpose in defining specific areas of your outdoor area. Besides looking fantastic all year, artificial grass is practical. It doesn’t require much maintenance or water, is safe for children and pets, and doesn’t wear even in high-traffic areas. It also feels awesome in bare feet.

Start With a Plan

The first thing to do in creating or redoing a new outdoor space is to plan it. Part of the plan is to figure out your use. You may want it to meditate and do yoga. Maybe you want it to be a place for your dog or kids to run and play. Perhaps a spot to show off your gourmet cooking skills in an outdoor kitchen and dining space. You might enjoy hosting only a few friends in a cozy, comfortable space or maybe you are a big party person who invites many people to enjoy a band or DJ. Making these decisions first will determine the rest of your planning.

Next, designate spaces for the various uses. That could include a children’s play space, a dog run, a meditation spot, dining and bar area,s party dance spot, or seating area. Once you planned out your areas, you should look at what you need to make those areas functional. This could include things like:

  • A bar with shelving and locked cabinets for supplies.
  • A barbecue grill with side tables for prep or a large smoker to cook a lot of food for large parties.
  • A pergola, awning or umbrellas for seating area.
  • Fireplace or fire pit.
  • Outdoor dining and seating furniture.
  • Electricity for lighting or electronics.
  • Cable or fiber optics for televisions or music.
  • Outdoor putting area
  • Playground equipment or sporting equipment for things like badminton, tennis, or volleyball.
  • Storage for things like outdoor games, children’s toys or pet items.

Finishing Touches

Now can begin work creating your space. Professionals may need to do a lot of the work, but you may be able to do some of it yourself. The final choices are things like colors and accessories like pillows and plants.

One piece of advice design experts offer is to think vertically as well as horizontally. You can draw the eye vertically with things like long, tall art pieces, water features on a wall, or wall gardens or hanging plants. More horizontal ideas include flower or herb planters, window boxes, tables and wide art pieces.

Synthetic turf can also play a role in these creative designs. You can use it on walls or in green spaces interwoven into the patio design to create an artistic feature among these other elements.

However you use synthetic turf, your outdoor landscape design will showcase your personality as well as create a space you can use every day. Have fun creating it!