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Synthetic Turf Grass, the Time is Now


Synthetic lawns have turned into the newest way to create beautiful green grass landscaping that requires minimal maintenance.  It’s even more desirable in hot and humid areas such as Las Vegas and Atlanta.  As well as providing a huge water savings solution across drought stricken California.  But if you’re not a synthetic turf grass expert, you probably don’t know how to buy artificial grass.

So, what should you do?

  1. When making the transition to synthetic lawn the most important step is to identify out what your artificial turf will be used for. After all, the synthetic turf grass that you put down in your own backyard is very different from the artificial grass that you would use on a sports field. Do you have pets? Drainage would be something you should defiantly take into account.
  2. Determine how big your area is.  Since virtually all artificial grass manufacturers base their prices on the square footage of the area, it will enable you to do some comparison shopping on the different types of synthetic lawn. Artificial turf is extremely similar to carpet, in that there are many grades and/or levels.
  3. Decide if you want to get infill.  That’s the tiny pieces of rubber or sand that are used to mimic real soil.  Infill for artificial turf will cushion each step you take and make each blade of grass stand up a little bit taller.  It is an extra expense but back to the carpet analogy think of the padding.
  4. Now it’s time to visit to see which type of artificial grass best fits your needs at the right price.

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