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Synthetic Turf is Becoming a Popular Choice for Marketing Strategies


Synthetic turf technology has developed at an outstanding rate over the past few years. We’re now at a point where we can get creative with turf. We’ve seen artificial grass on rooftops, on walls, in campsites and even in indoor office spaces. At Artificial Turf Express, we are proud to have helped design artificial turf logos and designs for some high profile clients and events. We love working with business, organizations and local authorities to create a product that is unique and tailored to perfection.

Commercial artificial grass options:

  • Corporate/commercial exhibitions and events
  • Logo and branding: increasing brand awareness
  • Indoor spaces: office space, hotels, shops, betting shops
  • Restaurant/bar seating areas
  • Rooftops: office gardens, rooftop bars

Synthetic Turf: Exhibitions & Events

Synthetic turf is becoming in increasingly popular choice for exhibition flooring. Artificial grass has become a diverse, creative product and can be manufactured in different colors, lengths, densities and shapes; at ATE we love to help you produce a product that people remember.

Colored artificial grass: Logos & Branding

Artificial grass logo mats and branded flooring are greats way of increasing brand awareness. The ATE Crew has the knowledge and experience that helps make the entire process easy and effective. We know that every little detail counts.

Artificial Turf is becoming an increasingly popular way for corporations to market & brand themselves

Synthetic Turf: Indoor Use

It’s not as crazy as you might think. Hotels, offices, shops and restaurants are joint the artificial turf community all over the world. Think logos on walls, and grass floors in betting shops; there are hundreds of creative and colorful ways to inspire visitors and staff. Whether it be a reception area or a quirky conference room, Artificial Turf Express can help you design a space that stands out to your customers and colleagues.

Synthetic Turf: Restaurants & Bars

Colorful artificial grass can transform dull industrial buildings into seating areas that are warm and welcoming. Synthetic turf is easy to maintain, clean and safe; perfect for a manicured lawn look at restaurants and bars.

Synthetic: Roof Tops

Synthetic turf rooftops have revolutionized the way office space is used. Now employees can get outside in built up cities and enjoy garden space on breaks and even when they’re working; it’s the future! Our artificial grass is slip free and can be designed to fit most spaces; it’s versatile and easy to lay, even in awkward spaces.

Artificial Turf Express is your source for synthetic grass for your project. Environmental-friendly artificial turf off-the-roll. Artificial Turf Express has all the materials you need do the job right. *Note: We do not install turf. We supply contractors and consumers with wholesale pricing for do-it-yourself (DIY) and contractor projects.  If you’re looking for someone to help incorporate synthetic turf for marketing strategies, look no further than ATE!