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Synthetic Turf Can Give You A Resilient Backyard


Is your lawn giving you a bunch of issues? What if you could have a natural-looking lawn without all the hassle of lawn care? You can with synthetic turf. Turf can give you a plush, soft, green grass year-round without the normal problems that come with a natural lawn.

With a natural lawn, there are multiple things that are working against you and your lawn, which can turn your dream lawn into a nightmare. It is extremely difficult to guarantee a health, beautiful lawn due to:

  • Pets
  • Bugs
  • Shady Areas
  • Poor Drainage
  • Poor soil
  • Weeds
  • Tree Roots
  • Kids
  • Rodents

All of these factors can really keep your grass from being the best it could be! But with synthetic turf this will never be the case. Synthetic turf is resilient to all of these issues and will be green no matter what happens! Lets assess each of these issues separately.

Homeowners know that pets & kids can wreck havoc on their lawn. From creating rundown areas by running around to digging holes everywhere… yea even kids dig sometimes :). Pets & kids are not lawn friendly, unless you install synthetic turf which is durable and can withstand a the normal wear and tear they can create.

Unless you are constantly spraying your lawn with pesticides, bugs can really prohibit growth. No need to worry about that with turf because bugs can not survive on artificial turf like they can in a natural lawn.

Shady Areas & Poor Soil
This one is simple! Grass can’t grow if it doesn’t receive the right nutrients, either from the sun or soil.  Synthetic turf does not need the sun or soil in order stay green and lush!

Poor Drainage
When water sits on your lawn, it slowly kills your grass. Not only that, it can weaken this area which could be lead to pets or humans destroying it by using this area.

Tree Roots & Weeds
Natural growth can destroy the beauty of any lawn. When roots and weeds start to pop up, it can really become a huge hassle. Don’t let it be by installing turn which can not be penetrated by either.

Rodents feed off of the life of your lawn, but all of that can be eliminated when you replace it with synthetic turf.

Synthetic turf offers homeowners a landscape solution that can give you a lawn that is:

  • Soft
  • Natural-looking
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • and Always Green!

Let us help make your lawn always accessible by installing synthetic turf, which is not affect by these issues listed above. Contact us to speak more about artificial grass!