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The Toughness of Synthetic Grass Can Withstand Heavy Traffic


You look at your lawn and sigh. It’s brown, has dirt spots and just hasn’t held up well over the winter and through droughts. It’s time to consider synthetic grass as an alternative.

Synthetic grass will keep your lawn looking green and fresh all year long. There are no worn spots or muddy areas once you install artificial turf. More than all that, it is tough and durable.

Great for Kids’ Play

Artificial turf is used on many ball fields because it holds up so well under extremely rough, high traffic. It is also used on numerous playgrounds for the same reason, along with the fact it is safe, reduces chemicals, is non-toxic and cushions the ground for children’s ongoing play. Learn more about why artificial grass is perfect for playgrounds!

Synthetic turf is created for high action. Its blades are made from a nylon- polypropylene material that looks like real grass but is actually much tougher. They are attached to a mesh backing that covers dirt, eliminating low-lying areas that tend to stay wet and muddy. The infill adds to the product’s durability because it lifts up blades and provides a cushion for foot traffic.

This product is also used for putting greens and dog runs because it can withstand a lot of use and continue to function as natural grass while remaining green and fresh looking.

Synthetic Grass is Great for Pet Owners

One of the best advantages of installing synthetic grass in your yard is how well it works for pets. Dogs can freely use the bathroom in the yard without even noticing a difference. Yet, cleanup is easy for you. All you need to do is pick up any feces to throw away and then spray down the area with water.

There are infills with an anti-microbial coating that stop the spread of bacteria from pet fecal matter and urination, making your yard healthy for everyone.

A great advantage in artificial turf for pet owners is its durability. Your dog can’t bite through it or dig holes in it. Your cat can’t damage it by scratching or digging. It doesn’t discolor with urine or fecal matter. Artificial grass is soft on animals’ paws too.

Another plus for pet owners is artificial turf reduces the number of fleas and other insects in the yard. Insects look to dirt for food and to breed. Since that is covered by the mesh backing, bugs have no resources in your yard so they go elsewhere. That means a cleaner pet with fewer fleas, which also means fewer baths and less money spent on shampoos and anti-flea products.

Most synthetic grass comes with a warranty with the average warranty lasting around 10 years, so you are assured of product quality. With all the advantages of synthetic grass, it makes sense for you to consider transforming your yard into a green paradise that will look good all year long.