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Saving Time On Yard Work Is Easy With Synthetic Grass


Let’s be honest, most people had rather be on a boat or watching a ballgame rather than mowing the grass. Lawn care is something everyone knows must be done, but would love to spend their time doing something else, which makes synthetic grass the perfect time-saver.

Most people spend at least an hour on their lawn every week, but some with large yards and more landscaping can spend more than six hours a week working to keep it perfect. There is a way to drastically reduce that workload and save thousands of dollars over a decade.

Artificial Grass for Home Use

Synthetic grass is now a modern product that is perfect for residential customers. It looks and feels like natural grass, has excellent drainage, is safe for the entire family including pets, and is affordable for many families.

Homeowners state the best thing about synthetic grass is it doesn’t require much maintenance. There is no more mowing, edging, weed whipping, spreading fertilizer or re-seeding.

Artificial grass doesn’t fade or wear under heavy traffic, so it is durable enough to last at least 10 years. So, it is a worry-free product for many families. Learn more about the durability of artificial grass. 

Synthetic Grass is Low Maintenance

The most you will need to do is clean it sometimes, like after your pet uses it. All that is required to clean it is a spray hose and a special product available through your installer. A quick spray will clean your space in no time!

Synthetic grass will mean less other work, like weeding. The backing of artificial grass prevents weeds from growing through, so it’s the perfect product for around flower beds or other spots where weeds are troublesome. Once it’s installed, you will no longer find yourself on your knees pulling weeding.

Artificial Turf Lowers Water Use

With artificial turf you will no longer need to water your lawn like you once did. Those living in drought-prone areas are looking to synthetic grass for a beautiful lawn because either the water isn’t available or local municipalities have restrictions or bans on water use. Artificial grass is heat resistant, so it can withstand extreme elements. It will continue to look green in spite of the weather.

Another positive benefit of artificial turf is the money saved over the years. You will save money by:

  • Eliminating the need to buy lawnmowers or other lawn equipement.
  • No longer needing to fix/upkeep your lawn equipment.
  • Eliminating the need for fertilizer or seed.
  • No longer needing lawn hand tools like hoes and shovels.
  • No longer needing hired help getting lawn ready for spring or fall.

When you compare the money spent on all the items necessary to keep a lawn gorgeous compared to a synthetic grass purchase and installation, you will find you will save money over a 10-year period. The savings could be thousands of dollars!

Most find that the best savings come in their time. There’s more time for hobbies, more time to relax and more time for family. That could be the best benefit of synthetic grass!