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Learn How Synthetic Grass Make Playtime Safer On Playgrounds

synthetic grass on playground

Parents worry about their children and want them to be safe, even while they are playing in their own yard. Many are finding out that installing synthetic grass helps create a safer playground for their kids.



Synthetic grass has been a top pick for playground developers in public parks for years. It’s low maintenance, looks good and is affordable over the long-term. However, it is also a safer choice than other options, even natural grass.

Now, homeowners can choose the same type of materials for their children’s playgrounds in the backyard. They find that these playgrounds with artificial turf looks great, but has a lot of practical functions too. Many of these functions protect children from common problems.

Level Playing Area

Installation of artificial turf will include leveling the ground to make sure there are not areas where mud and water pool. Professionals remove any rocks, roots or other debris before laying out your artificial grass.

That means there are fewer items for children to trip over during playtime. There are no unforeseen hills causing stumbling or sharp rocks that gnash legs. That means fewer scrapes and bruises your children will endure.

Reduces Allergens

Many may not think about this, but installing synthetic grass reduces allergens in your yard. Grass pollinates and the pollen spreads with the wind. Artificial grass doesn’t pollinate. While your yard will still get some pollen from surrounding trees and other people’s grass, it will reduce the amount of pollen your yard produces amounting to fewer allergies for children and pets. Learn about more health benefits of synthetic grass.

Cushioned Area

Natural grass has some cushion, but many play areas are dirt because high traffic wears away the grass. Dirt can be hard, especially in harsh, hot climates. Synthetic grass with its infill offers a cushion on children’s feet. Children can run barefoot on the grass and remain comfortable.

Children will not come in with grass or mud stains either, which is a plus for you.

Reduced Contact with Bacteria

Bacteria exist in all yards. From animal feces to bugs and other items in the dirt, bacteria thrives in all types of places near your children.

With artificial grass, bacteria is controlled and reduced. There are infills that are coated in anti-microbial substances that prevent bacteria from spreading. This helps protect children from illnesses caused by bacteria.

It’s important to reduce bacteria especially if you have pets. Pets naturally carry dirt, bacteria and other things that can cause allergies and sickness. Having infill and grass blades that don’t absorb substances go a long way to reducing the amount of dirt and bacteria on your lawn.

While you can’t protect your children from everything, installing synthetic grass will help prevent some injuries and illnesses from affecting your kids. Learn more about our artificial grass products.