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Field of Dreams: See Why Synthetic Grass Is Prefered On Sports Fields


Build a great sports field and they will come. Athletes come to practice and play and parents and friends come to watch. That is a lot of use for a field and field owners are discovering their best long-term investment is synthetic grass.

There are some solid reasons why synthetic grass makes for an excellent option for recreational sports fields including:

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for children


The first thing field owners and parents alike will notice about synthetic grass is that it looks great. The manufactured nylon and polyurethane blades, which come in various shades of green, look completely natural. Unlike natural grass, artificial turn stays green and looks fresh all year. There are no more muddy areas or uneven spots, so athletes can have safe, clean areas for maximum use.

Something else sports enthusiasts are finding is the uniform length of the blades makes it easier for athletes to achieve their maximum sporting potential. Uneven grass can reduce speed and inhibit maneuvering. The exact length of every blade allows for an athlete’s maximum performance.


Synthetic grass is perfect for high traffic areas. This makes it an excellent choice for recreational sports fields. Natural grass can be destroyed with just a few soccer matches or football games, but artificial turf can withstand spikes, digs, turns and everything else an athlete can do.

Artificial grass is also easy to fix if it does get worn because it can be replaced in spots within a short period of time. With real grass, it could take weeks to regrow it in areas where recreational play caused damage.

Environmentally Friendly

Synthetic grass is environmentally friendly in several ways. It can be made from recycled products and requires no water to maintain it. It also reduces the number of pesticides and other chemicals field owners typically use to maintain their property. Artificial grass requires no fertilizer or weed control chemicals. It also requires less use of pesticides since synthetic grass naturally reduces bugs in the area. All of this reduction makes for a safer and healthier environment.

Reduces Bacteria

Synthetic grass is a great way to create a healthier field because it reduces the spreading of bacteria. It does this because an anti-microbial coating is on the blades and the silica infill also comes with an anti-microbial coating that prevents the spread of bacteria between the blades near the ground. This is helpful with public areas since many kids may bring in germs from colds and flu and others may bring pets, which could urinate or poop on the ground.

Most synthetic grass comes with a 10-year warranty offering field owners peace of mind about their investment. Compliments from parents and visitors after installation leave owners knowing they made the right decision to install artificial turf.