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Synthetic Grass Can Improve The Safety Of Your Playground


Parents understand children need a safe place to play. While there will always be some accidents and minor injuries that children will endure during playtime, installing synthetic grass can eliminate some risks and making outdoor playtime safer.

Synthetic Grass Can Reduce Cuts & Scrapes

Synthetic grass is, overall, less hazardous to outdoor play than natural grass. Natural grass and dirt contain objects like rocks, stones, twigs and other debris. These objects sometimes have sharp edges or thorns that cause scrapes and cuts when kids fall on the ground, which they will inevitably do during play.

Installing synthetic grass in a play area eliminates these objects. Installers first remove all natural grass, then look for things like rocks and stones to remove. You basically will have a clean lawn when synthetic grass installation begins.

Providing a Level Play Area

Natural grass has a lot of pitfalls for children. There are uneven areas, valleys and dips. Children often do not see these as they run or walk, causing them to trip and fall. Sometimes, low-lying areas get muddy, which can lead to slips and falls.

Synthetic grass installers level your yard before laying down artificial turf. There will no longer be dips and valleys with water and mud, nor unrecognizable uneven areas like holes. Your children will be able to run and play without having to look for potential fall dangers.

Cushioning Play

Kids are naturally clumsy. That is part of growing up. Their coordination isn’t fully developed, so they are going to fall at times no matter what you do. Risks are increased when there is playground equipment like swing sets or climbing equipment. Having a cushion becomes really important.

Synthetic grass offers a cushion that natural grass does not. Synthetic grass always has an infill that provides both support and cushion, but some also come with a structural padding underneath. These are what recreational departments use for public playgrounds. This padding makes falls soft and playing more cushioned.

Wears Well

Synthetic grass doesn’t wear out. It is created for high-traffic areas like children’s play areas. That means there will not be any bare spots or worn grass during the life of your artificial turf. Your yard will always look great no matter how rough your kids play.

Helps Control Bacteria

Synthetic grass can help control harmful bacteria, which makes for a healthier environment for the kiddos. This is accomplished because of the infill. There are a couple of types of infill that are incredibly environmentally friendly and also work to stop bacteria from things like pet feces and urine, rain, and runoff.

Some infills come with a microbial coating that actually prevents bacteria from spreading.

Reduces the Need for Chemicals

Installing synthetic grass in play areas helps children in another way. It leads to a reduction of chemicals used for lawn care. With synthetic turf, you don’t need to buy things like herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and fertilizer. Reducing the needs for these chemicals will create a healthier environment for your children to play.

Playtime outside should be special to your kids. It is one of those things they will remember the rest of their lives. Keeping them safe will add to their positive memories and keep you worry-free too.