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Why Synthetic Grass Is The Perfect Solution In California 


California homeowners face a lot of challenges when it comes to maintaining their lawns. The weather in many areas is technically that of a desert, so it’s hot and dry. There are heavy water regulations as well that prevent property owners from watering their yards enough to keep it pretty. These are just some of the challenges that installing synthetic grass resolves. There are a couple of good reasons why California homeowners should consider artificial grass for their yards. 

No Need for Water with Synthetic Grass

This is one of the best features of synthetic grass. The only time you need water is to spray down a soiled area with a hose. That makes this product perfect for those living in California. 

California has faced ongoing droughts for several years and water is at a premium. Local governments have consistently had water bans and strict regulations for water use preventing many people from watering their lawns. Some local governments even insist that new developments install artificial turf as part of its overall business model to ensure reduced water consumption. 

There are some cities and towns that offer incentives for those installing synthetic grass. Incentives can include things like utility and tax credits. 

Weather Doesn’t Matter

Natural grass has a difficult time surviving in the California heat and drought. It tends to go dry and brown in the winter anyway, but this is worsened with the desert climate. 

Synthetic grass is highly durable even in extreme temperatures such as 100-plus degree heat. It will stay green year-round regardless of what the weather holds. 

This product can be used in a variety of ways too. It can be mixed with plants and grasses natural to the area for an enhanced look in a small area. It can also be used as an all-over yard covering to create a lawn worthy of Beverly Hills. Artificial turf can be used in art designs too, such as creating a checkerboard or monograms embedded in the lawn. 

Satisfy Homeowners Associations

Many homeowner associations have stringent rules regarding the looks of lawns. They penalize for weeds, mud or dirt spots and other issues. Some of the fines can be costly and you have a certain time period to fix the problem. 

Artificial grass eliminates all that hassle. Installing artificial turf eliminated landscaping issues like low-lying areas, holes, mud spots or areas where natural grass won’t grow. It also virtually eliminates weeds because weeds can’t grow through the mesh backing. So, the only areas where weeds can be an issue is along the peripheral of the yard or in flower beds where you don’t have artificial grass.

There is another reason to consider synthetic grass. It gives you more time. California homeowners are busy people. There is a lot to see and do in the state. Installing synthetic grass will free up time because you will no longer need to spend hours in the yard to keep it looking great. That means you can spend more time enjoying all the state has to offer.

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