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Synthetic Grass Makes Your Lawn More Enjoyable… Learn How!


Synthetic grass can create a beautiful yard that you and your family will have time to actually enjoy. Although buying and installing artificial turf has an up-front cost, you will find it is a cost that pays you back over the long run in several ways.

Synthetic Grass Has Lasting Beauty

Synthetic grass is perfect for areas where growing natural grass is difficult. Drought, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures don’t affect it. Artificial grass provides a plush lawn that is always picture perfect. One of the best features of synthetic grass is it doesn’t turn brown in the winter like natural grass. So, you will have a luxurious lawn year round.

Also, blades of modern synthetic grass are constructed differently than in decades past. Blades are made from polyethylene and contain both short and long strands to resemble the real thing. They have a mesh backing that secures them over the dirt and the infill keeps them standing tall. Even pets adjust well to today’s artificial turf.

Less Maintenance

Installing synthetic grass will result in less work for you in your yard. Artificial grass requires no mowing, weeding, weed whipping, reseeding, watering. This will save you money as well as time. You will no longer need to buy:

  • Gas, oil for lawn equipment
  • Fertilizer and other chemicals
  • Weed whip string and other lawn supplies

This will end up saving you thousands over the 10 to 15 years of the life of your artificial grass. Better yet, you can spend more time entertaining and enjoying your lawn rather than sweating to get all the work done on your off time. Learn more about all the chores you can eliminate with artificial turf.

Fewer Bugs

The insect population will be reduced with synthetic turf. The mesh backing covers dirt, which is a proven feeding source for insects. Restricting their access to food will motivate them to move elsewhere. Also, a synthetic grass will not pool water because of its drainage system, so mosquitoes will not have a place to breed. With fleas and ticks reduced as well, your overall bug population will no longer be a problem for you, your children or your pets.

Fewer Chemicals

Once synthetic grass is installed, you will no longer need to buy fertilizer and pesticides, virtually eliminating chemical use on your lawn. That is a health benefit for you, children and pets. Children and pets are particularly susceptible to lawn chemicals because they play low to the ground where chemicals are most prevalent. Reducing chemicals will have a tremendous impact on their health.

A Good Investment

Synthetic grass is considered a good investment for homeowners, particularly those who have trouble growing natural grass and keeping it healthy. Curb appeal is a key component in the marketability of a home and is important to a home’s overall value.

So, whether you plan to live in your home forever or plan on eventually selling your home, installing synthetic grass is a smart move. You can enjoy it for years and get the most out of your home should you ever sell it.