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Synthetic Grass Is More Realistic and Durable Than Ever!


Homeowners all over California are switching from a natural lawn to synthetic grass. Why you ask?

There are many reasons Californians are converting their lawn, but recent surveys show durability and being more realistic top the charts.

The technological advancement in the artificial turf industry has changed the look and feel of artificial turf greatly over the past 10 years. Synthetic grass no longer looks plastic-y and fake. The new artificial turf is now natural-looking, soft, plush, and easily accessible at all times for homeowners to enjoy. The artificial turf of old is just that, old and outdated.

Not only does it look real, but it is more durable than ever! Artificial grass has always had great durability to it, but now you can expect your lawn to last longer than previous models. Homeowners never need to worry about the wear and tear normal lawns experience from pets or children playing. The materials used in synthetic grass is top notch and will protect the value of your investment for years to come.

When it comes down to it, synthetic grass is just better than the real thing. Normal lawns will experience issues from everyday use, but you have no need to worry with artificial grass. Not only is it durable, but it is cleaner, greener, reduces maintenance, and avoids chemical use, which frees up more time for you to enjoy your lawn instead of working on it!

Some of the features below show how synthetic grass outperforms a natural lawn or its older counterpart.

  • Improved drainability
  • Guaranteed to stay green
  • Can withstand all the elements
  • Can withstand your pets, children or sports.
  • More accessible year-round!

Get rid of your old lawn and trade it in for a better model! Synthetic grass can create a durability to your lawn never seen before. Stop being frustrated with an ugly lawn and contact Artificial Turf Express today!