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Is Synthetic Grass An Investment?


synthetic grass saves moneySome homeowners face sticker-shock when they see the initial cost of installing synthetic grass. While it can be expensive at the onset, replacing your natural grass with synthetic grass is also a great way to achieve long-term cost savings. That makes it a great investment over a decade.

There are several ways synthetic grass will give you more money in your pocket over the years to come. Below are a few of the primary examples of how this product can save you both money and time.

Less Water With Synthetic Grass

Less water is needed for your lawn. Synthetic grass doesn’t require any water and works well in dry, desert areas that are under mandated water restrictions. This cuts your water bills significantly over the years and also makes you a good community conservation citizen. Some cities or counties are offering incentives and rebates for those who install artificial grass, so you could even see some money back in property taxes.

Eliminate Lawn Equipment

You will no longer need lawn equipment and all that goes with it. Artificial turf will save money by no longer needs things like lawnmowers, edgers and weed whackers. You will no longer need to repair and maintain those items or buy gas, oil and other things to run them.

Eliminate Your Landscaping Company

You can fire your lawn guy. Those who use lawn crews can either end their contracts or reduce the hours they work to maintain your property. All they will need to do now is maintain flowers and live plants, so that will mean savings to you.

Eliminate Chemical Use

Chemicals are no longer needed. Most homeowners buy things like weed control and pest control products. Sometimes, property owners buy fertilizer or grass growth products. None of that is needed with synthetic grass. That can potentially save hundreds of dollars a year.

Synthetic Grass Allows You To Invest In The Things You Love

You can spend your time doing other things. Most homeowners spend at least 10 hours a week working to make their lawn perfect. This is no longer necessary once synthetic grass is installed. Now, you can spend more time actually enjoying your yard with your family.

All of these together mean you could save thousands of dollars over a decade by getting rid of your natural grass and installing artificial turf.

Besides all these benefits, artificial grass makes your lawn look great all year long. It stays green and lush, so it adds to the curb appeal. Synthetic grass can be used in creative ways to make your lawn more interesting to the eye, sophisticated, and unique. It can make your property stand out from the rest.

While there isn’t a dollar number of how that adds value to your property, it can add to the marketability of your home should you ever decide to sell.

Investing in synthetic grass is a long-term way to save money, time and effort. It adds both dollars to your wallet and quality to your life.