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What Makes Synthetic Grass So Great For Dogs?


Pet owners are finding that synthetic grass is one of the best investments they can make because it is an excellent option for those who love dogs.

There are plenty of reasons why synthetic grass is great for dogs, but one is that it allows you to have the convenience while owning a dog in smaller places without a yard such as a condo or an apartment. Synthetic turf can be used to create a green space in a corner, in a laundry room or on a balcony so your furry friend can use the bathroom while you are away or when it is raining. Artificial grass is really easy to clean and can be used with odor-absorbing microfill so there is no unsightly mess.

There are at least four other reasons why synthetic grass is awesome for dogs.

Reduced Fleas and Ticks

Every dog has problems with fleas and ticks, especially in the summer. That can be reduced by installing artificial turf. Synthetic grass covers dirt, which is a breeding and feeding ground for all types of bugs including fleas and ticks. By eliminating access to these areas, bugs will stop nesting in your yard. That reduces the number of fleas and ticks on your pet.

This also means you will spend less money on things like flea collars, topical flea and tick solutions, flea and tick pills and other items recommended by veterinarians. It could mean fewer trips to the vet too.

Creates a Healthier Environment

Installing synthetic turf does something positive for your whole family, including your dog. It eliminates the use of chemicals. Since artificial grass doesn’t require things like weed killer, fertilizer or pest control products, your kids and pets will not be absorbing those products.

Studies show that kids and pets intake large amounts of toxins because they are closer to the ground than adults and these chemicals can be absorbed through the skin. Also, dogs chew on natural grass and so they ingest chemicals on the grass. Those chemicals aren’t present on artificial grass and this product is so durable that dogs can’t chew it enough to ingest it.

Looks and Feels Great

Dogs can’t tell the difference between synthetic grass and natural grass. The look, with artificial turf’s short and long blades and varying shades, is so real that even humans have a difficult time seeing the difference. Synthetic turf feels soft and natural too. Dogs can play, roll and use the bathroom just as they would on real grass.

Clean up after your dog is easy with artificial turf. All you need is a hose, a mild detergent, and a soft-bristled broom.

Synthetic Grass Keeps a Cleaner Home

No one likes it when your pet comes in from outdoors with dirt, mud, and grass all over him. It gets tracked throughout your home before you can get him to a bath. With synthetic grass, your dog will not have any of that after playing outside.

An artificial turf installation eliminated dips and low-lying areas that can become mud spots. Your dog can’t dig through it to create a mud hole. Synthetic turf has a mesh covering that goes on top of dirt, so dirt doesn’t get on your dog. It doesn’t go dry or shed in the winter, so your dog will not come in with stray grass all over his coat.

There is another factor to consider when looking at synthetic grass. This product requires virtually no maintenance, so that gives you more free time. That means more time to play fetch, throw Frisbees, and enjoy your dog more outside.

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