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The Best Synthetic Grass for Dogs


synthetic grass for dogsPet owners greatly value their furry friends, but we all know that pets can be messy. A great solution for many is getting synthetic grass for dogs. But which  is the best synthetic grass for dogs, one might ask. There are a number of synthetic grass options that are suitable for our canine companions but a few stand out from the rest, if you know what to look for.


One thing to look for is a synthetic turf solution that offers superior drainage. Most synthetic turf out there comes equipped with hole-punch technology which allows for excellent drainage, especially during rainy seasons. For pet turf specifically, however, one may want to find turf that offers even greater drainage for not only the weather, but for whenever Fido has to do his business!

Generally clients who own a dog may be more inclined to have synthetic grass that has shorter blades. The reason for this is that with shorter blades there is less mess and easier clean up! Also the blade type can give you insight on the durability of the synthetic grass you’re interested in. Resilient blades that can handle medium to high amounts of foot traffic would be more ideal than a synthetic turf product made simply for aesthetic purposes on the front lawn.

If you have already made your decision on what synthetic grass works best for you and your pup there are more actions you can take to improve the overall experience. You can purchase special infill that has a micro-ban coating. What this does is it locks and kills bacteria on contact reducing the odor! Another option is pet friendly infill that absorbs and neutralizes ammonia from dog urine leaving almost no trace or odor. All the while being 100% natural and non-toxic. It also can keep your synthetic lawn 20 degrees cooler!

Some general suggestions from our experts at Artificial Turf Express:

    • Make sure to do general maintenance on your turf installation. This allows pet waste to be easier to clean.
  • If your turf is installed on concrete or other hard surfaces, make sure to clean under the turf.