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How Does Synthetic Grass Feel And Look?


Synthetic grass looks and feels more natural than ever. Your dog won’t notice and your children will find it difficult to tell the difference. Your guests probably won’t know unless you tell them. Modern artificial turf is that good.

Looking Like the Real Thing

Most people think of the old-style synthetic turf when they think about artificial grass. You remember it, the short, carpet-looking grass on football fields. Times have changed and so has the products and process for creating synthetic grass.

The blades of today’s artificial grass are individually constructed using molds for thin sheets of nylon and polypropylene. They drawn out by strands and then shaped into either an oval or cross-cut shape, resembling natural grass. The fact that each blade isn’t exactly the same shape is one reason many mistake synthetic grass for real grass.

Blades are cut to varying lengths and are assembled into a mesh backing with the different heights throughout. This variation also makes artificial turf look like natural grass. There are different shades of green also, so it can fit in with natural colors in your area.

A good infill will help blades stand straight and tall and prevent them from being crushed under heavy foot traffic.

Go Barefoot on Synthetic Grass

Today’s artificial grass is soft enough that you or your kids can run around barefoot and be comfortable. It may even fill softer than natural grass because there are no weeds, stickers or rocks to hurt feet. It really is incredibly difficult to tell the difference in the feel in synthetic grass and natural grass.

Dogs and pets have no problem getting used to going to the bathroom on artificial grass. Yet, it is easier to clean up. Plus dogs love the feel of the turf and so will you!

The reason artificial grass is so comfortable is that it’s created to be similar in height and density of natural grass. A filler makes it better for absorbing shock, so it cushions feet as kids run and play. It also makes it feel like there is soil underneath even though the mesh backing covered all the dirt.

Synthetic turf is created to be so close to natural grass that many pro and amateur golfers use it for personal putting greens. It is also used for children’s playgrounds for its safety and aesthetics.

Artificial grass is a good investment too because it will improve curb appeal that stays beautiful all year. It will save you money over time.

Artificial grass offers many advantages over natural grass for the money spent. It stays green all year, is easy to maintain and reduces insects and other pests. The fact few can tell the difference between synthetic grass and real grass is a plus that wins many new customers over. You can see and feel it for yourself in showrooms!