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Synthetic Grass Is The Best Solution For The Extreme Weather of California


California residents have a love-hate relationship with their lawns. Many want lovely yards that showcase the best features of living on the West Coast but are limited because of the dry weather and government regulations. Synthetic grass is the answer to those challenges.

The Dilemma of Weather

The Golden State is known for its sunshine and gentle breezes. However, it can be incredibly hot and dry, particularly in the southern portion of the state. There are parts of California that are classified as desserts. This makes having a plush lawn with green grass close to impossible.

Governmental Laws

There has almost always been some sort of water shortage in California over the past 40 years. Shortages have been amplified by increases in population and development, as well as weather changes. Water bans are things all residents must accept and endure.

Some local governments have cracked down significantly on those watering their lawns in violation of the ban with fines upwards of $500 per instance. Some governments have completely banned lawn watering, leaving residents looking at withered, brown grass and plants throughout the summer.

Synthetic Grass is Durable

Synthetic grass is highly durable and can withstand extreme 100-degree-plus temperatures. It will always look fresh and green, whether it endures a summer drought on a late winter downpour.

Artificial turf is created to look like natural grass with both short and long blades available. It adds luxury to an area that sees mostly brown grass and dirt. It also blends very well with plants natural to the area, so it can highlight the California lifestyle in a way most lawn products can’t. The right infill also providing more cushioning to bare feet than natural grass.

Synthetic Grass is Environmentally Friendly

Artificial grass helps the environment in several ways, making it a viable option that local governments are approving.

The primary positive aspect of synthetic grass for Californians is it saves water. Statistics from 2013 show that six billion gallons of water were saved nationwide that year and that is attributed to 35 million of square feet of artificial turf being installed.

Installing synthetic grass will keep you in compliance with local governments and help conserve water for you and your neighbor’s use.

It also helps the environment by reducing the number of chemicals. There are studies stating artificial grass installations eliminated more than a billion pounds of chemicals from the environment. That includes fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides.

These chemicals have been directly linked to illnesses in some people. Children and pets have a high risk of absorbing them because they play close to the ground. The other problem with these chemicals in the long-term environmental impact. Rain often wash and push these into drains and underground. They end up in natural springs and the public water supply. Eliminating them reduces this risk.

You Benefit from Synthetic Grass

One of the biggest benefits for homeowners installing synthetic grass is the time and money they save over the years. There is no more mowing, weeding, and other landscaping duties. That is more time to spend enjoying your yard and more money to spend on your family.

Californians looking to enjoy both their life and their lawns should look to synthetic grass. It makes your lawn more lovely for your family, more user-friendly for your kids and pets and saves you time and money.