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Eliminate Grass Stains By Installing Synthetic Grass


Summer produces many positive memories. Some of the best memories for children are playing outside. However, playing outside doesn’t always produce great memories for parents who then must figure out how to get grass and mud stains out of clothes. Synthetic grass offers a solution to this common problem.

The Problem with Stains

Every parent is constantly looking for the perfect solution for clothing stained by outdoor play. They try stain removers, special detergents, additives and even old-fashioned home remedies. Sometimes, they work. Sometimes, they don’t. It’s a real problem for many families. See how you can stop the stains with synthetic grass!

Stains Don’t Exist with Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is an excellent solution to the problem because it never leaves a stain (and is safer on playgrounds). This product, made from a combination of nylon and polyurethane, doesn’t shed like natural grass, never turns and never stains even after a heavy downpour.

That means your kiddos can play outside all day and never come in with a shred of grass on them. No more grass stains on clothes mean you have an easier time with laundry!

No More Mud

Clothes will no longer have mud stains either because synthetic grass resolved the problems of bare spots and muddy areas. This also means you will no longer need to mop up muddy footprints and paw prints after a day of outside play. That is more time you can spend doing something you enjoy!

The Long-term Effects

You may not realize it now, but spending all that time doing laundry and cleaning up mud adds up. It takes away from other things that are equally, or more, important and leaves you somewhat frustrated. Reducing that burden will not only free up time but leave you more content. You can now spend more time enjoying your children instead of worrying about laundry and cleaning.

It helps in another way you may not realize as well. Reducing utilities and chemicals. Doing laundry and cleaning floors requires two things: water and cleaning supplies. The more you must do it, the more water and chemicals get used. Using less water will not only save on your utility bill but will also help stay within recommended conservation use. Reducing laundry loads also means the amount of electricity you use will also be reduced. Any way you can save on electrical use during hot summer days when air conditioners are going full blast is a good thing.

Reducing the amount of cleaning products you need for sparkling floors and bright clothes is also good for the environment. Most know these chemicals end up in places that affect health over the course of decades and empty containers end up in a landfill. Use reduction is a plus.

Installing artificial grass has improved the quality of life for many homeowners. It results in more time for family, less expensive over a decade, and a healthier home and yard. For those tasked with doing chores like laundry, it has additional advantages that result in you enjoying your summer more.