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4 Things To Pay Attention To When Buy Synthetic Grass

buying synthetic grass

Buying synthetic grass is a new experience for many homeowners. So it is only natural to wonder if there is more you should know before making a purchase. Artificial grass is a good investment purchase and you want to be sure that it meets your expectations.



You don’t need to be overwhelmed with all the choices involving installing artificial turf. There are four key things you need to research when you are looking at purchasing synthetic grass.

Look at Grass Quality

This is the most important thing to look at when selecting artificial turf. It is important to look at it both in a small patch close up as well as a larger area that is installed. When you inspect it closely, look to see if the blades are constructed properly. They should look like natural grass and not have any frayed edges or elements in disrepair.

Next, look at the mesh backing. It should look even and uniform. It should be put together well and tightly bound. It should also allow for drainage and appear well made. The backing is incredibly important to a synthetic grass product because it is what holds the blades together. If it is poorly constructed, you will lose years on the life of your artificial turf.

Check Warranty

Most synthetic grass products come with a warranty. But they can cover different things and some offer protections for a longer time period than others. The best warranties for artificial turf are 10-year warranties, as long as they cover most things associated with the product. Read the fine print to see what is covered in the warranty. Also, review what documentation you will need to make a warranty claim.

Look for Hidden Fees

Some companies’ estimates look really good because they appear lower in cost than others, but watch for hidden fees. They can cause the final invoice to skyrocket. Look over any proposal carefully and ask questions about portions you don’t understand.

Hidden fees could relate to transporting your synthetic grass to your home, adding materials if more is needed during the actual install, or any change order work required to complete the install. This is particularly important because you may run into challenges if you have the company complete the install. You could run into issues like large rocks underneath the ground’s surface. This could increase the cost once the installation crew pulls the natural grass off.

Check into Reputation

The company you are dealing with is going to be in charge of a major investment project at your home or office. You should know everything about them before you sign a contract. Some things you should do before you sign on the dotted line include:

  • Checking with the Better Business Bureau about their rating
  • Asking for some names of previous customers and talk to them about their experience. Also, look at their synthetic grass to see if it is what you want.
  • Request a copy of their liability insurance and find out if they are bonded.
  • Get paperwork outlining how the company fulfills warranties and guarantees.

Be sure to ask if they typically stay close to their original price estimate and ask if they are going to clean up all their mess once the project is done. Find out what the company policy is if something is damaged during the install. Also, ask how they will compensate you if the project takes longer than expected.

Getting answers to your questions and doing some research will put you and your project at an advantage from the start. It may take a little work up front, but it could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches later. Learn more about Artificial Turf Express.