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Synthetic Grass For Playgrounds… Learn Why It’s The Best Option


People installing playgrounds for their children want the safest environment possible. They also want it to look good and be an overall pleasant space that kids can enjoy. These reasons are two that are leading people to look more at synthetic grass for playgrounds.

The Choices

There are basically three common choices when it comes to playground flooring:

  • Rubber chunks
  • Pea gravel
  • Artificial grass

All are valid decisions for use as playground flooring, but synthetic grass for playgrounds has some advantages over other options.

Synthetic Grass Is Safer

Kids are going to fall as they play. That is part of growing up. Synthetic grass for playgrounds offers a cushion when that happens. Crumb rubber can be abrasive when used solely as a playground flooring and can leave children with scrapes. Pea gravel offers no cushion at all and can leave bruises. Synthetic turf has infills that help with cushion and the installation process breaks up hard ground, removes rocks and other items that could lead to injury.

Better for High Traffic

A children’s playground is a high traffic area, so you need a product able to withstand all of the play for years to come. Both crumb rubber and pea gravel get displaced over time and need to be replenished. Synthetic grass for playgrounds withstands all the foot traffic without a lot of heavy maintenance or a need for a replacement for a decade or more. Most also come with a 10-year-warranty.

Low Maintenance

All three of the most popular playground flooring options are relatively low maintenance, but artificial grass offers less aggravation than other options. With crumb rubber or gravel, you may have to routinely pick up pieces that birds, animals or rough play displace. You don’t want those items to get into natural grass areas where they could be run over by a lawnmower or struck by a weed whip. You don’t have that problem when you use synthetic grass for playgrounds. Artificial grass blends in beautifully with your natural grass too. Also, with synthetic grass, you will not have any bare spots or muddy areas. Since the other options can be displaced, there is always a possibility of a bare spot occurring. Learn more about the maintenance associated with synthetic grass.


Synthetic grass looks nicer than other options. It always looks fresh and green, even in hot dry weather. This makes outdoor play more attractive to children and adds beauty to your yard. Synthetic grass for playgrounds comes in a variety of looks, from long to short blades or even a mix of the two. There are also a number of green shades to choose from, so you can match it to your overall look or even mix shades to add a sense of art and use for specific yard games.

Goodbye bugs

Artificial grass will help reduce bugs in your children’s play area. Installation removes dips that hold stagnant water, reducing disease-carrying mosquitoes. A mesh backing covers dirt, preventing bugs access to food and breeding areas. They move on, leaving your children’s play area safer for little ones.

However you use synthetic grass for playgrounds, your children will enjoy playing outside in their own space. You will enjoy knowing you have provided the safest option for them and that they can use for their entire children.