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Is Synthetic Grass The Best Replacement For A Natural Lawn?

artificial turf for your home

You really hate your lawn. You want to love it, but you hate it. It is brown, dry and generally ugly. There are patches of weeds and mud spots. There are options to replace it, but only one option will give you the beauty and easy upkeep you want.

Synthetic grass is the best solution for a lawn with natural grass issues. Other options include stone, wood chips, concrete, cobblestone, and pavers. They can look quite nice, but won’t give you the green space you really want. Below are three reasons why synthetic grass is the most logical choice to replace natural grass:



It’s Everlasting Beauty

Artificial grass stays green and is more useful all year. It never changes and can endure the most extreme temperatures from 100-plus heat to below-freezing cold.

More than that, it looks and feels like natural grass. Children, pets, and guests won’t be able to really tell the difference. Synthetic grass is manufactured in both short and long blades and even in different shades of green, so it is incredibly close to the real thing in looks. The infill provides a better cushion than dirt, so it is a great shock absorber for running children and pets.

Plus, pets will continue to use the bathroom outside with no problem. Cleanup of pet messes on artificial grass is easy. A pooper scooper and a spray hose are really all you need most of the time, although there is a light detergent for artificial grass to use on tough stains.

Artificial grass is low maintenance, so you will not need to mow, water, weed or do any of the tasks you do with natural grass.

Eliminates Dangerous and Unhealthy Hazards

Installing synthetic grass includes leveling the yard, so things like rocks, valleys, and dips are eliminated. These are things that could cause injury. Children can trip and fall on hidden rocks. Dips and valleys pool water, which is gathering spots for mosquitoes.

Synthetic grass also does a lot to eliminate insects that are pesky and could be a health risk. It covers the ground with a mesh backing and infill, so insects can no longer get to dirt to eat and breed. This means a reduction of fleas, flies, and other creepy crawling things. That will mean fewer problems for your pests and even fewer insect bites for your children. You will find outside dining a lot more enjoyable too.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Synthetic grass is made from a combination of nylon and polyurethane. In some cases, these types of products are recyclable. However, its positive environmental impact is far greater than recyclables.

First, you don’t have to ever water it. This is a huge plus for local communities mandated with conserving water. Second, you no longer need chemicals to maintain it. You can say goodbye to pesticides, fertilizers and weed killers.

That will do a lot to improve the health of your family, especially your children and pets who are most at risk for inhaling, ingesting or absorbing these chemicals during play. It will also help the whole eco-system because these chemicals are eventually washed into the groundwater and travel to other water supplies. Wildlife and flora are killed by these chemicals all along the path.

You can quit staring at your lawn because of its ugliness and install synthetic grass landscaping. Then, you will be staring at it because of its beauty and long-term advantages.