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Solving Dog Problems With Artificial Grass


Your dogs have a huge effect on your lawn… A huge negative effect! You know all the common issues. From creating a dead spot by running in certain paths to digging holes in every corner of the lawn. A dog can wreck havoc on your lawn in a short amount of time. They spend a lot of energy, which leads to your frustration, on destroying your beautiful lawn, but that could be solved with Artificial Grass.

Check out all the way artificial grass can solve all of your dog problems! And then make sure to check out all of our artificial grass for dogs.

Eliminating the Holes

Luckily digging is something you can train your dog to stop doing.  But sometimes these training sessions don’t always go so well and you are stuck with a dog that can’t break the habit. If this is the case, then consider artificial grass, which is built to withstand even the most excitable dogs. Our turf is strong and durable to resist any dog digging habit.

No More Worn Out Lawns

One thing you can’t train your dog to do it stop running. It’s just going to run and if you have a limited area, then chances are they are going to run the same route often. This type of play can really do damage to your lawn. One moment you have a beautiful lush yard and the next week you are looking at a dirt track.

Keeping your dog from running is nearly impossible and down-right mean! So don’t punish your pup for having fun. Instead, a surface that can withstand this type of play. Artificial grass is the perfect solution. It allows your dog to run their little heart out without it ever affecting your lawn!

Natural Potty Problems Solved by Artificial Grass

Training your dog not to dig is possible. Keeping them from running is do-able, but not very kind. But keeping them from using the bathroom is downright inhumane! If your grass has difficulties with drainage, then your dog’s restroom habits may create a nasty odor build-up that just won’t desist. Dog urine can also cause grass areas to die, which gives you an ugly brown lawn.

Installing artificial grass can also help with these issues! When artificial grass is installed, channels under the turf are created in order to displace water away from your lawn. The technology that is used in our turf is the MaxxFlow backing, which is 100 percent permeable.  This helps keep your dog’s urine flowing away from your lawn and thus the smell will be eliminated. Artificial grass also has elements that are odor resistant, which helps eliminate these types of dog odors too.

A dog’s diet tends to have a high level of protein, which leads to a high level of nitrogen in their urine. This nitrogen can result in the killing of your grass from an overload of nitrogen. This issue is easily solved by artificial grass. Our turf is stain resistant, which keeps our surface from being damaged by nitrogen.

Pet Safety

At the end of the day, the most important thing about artificial grass for your pets is the safety around it. Turf provides a great landscaping solution for homeowners because it has no negative effects on dogs! Our turf is the best option when it comes to solving dog problems!

The benefits for your pets are staggering, so why not choose Artificial Turf Express for your pets? Our turf creates a comfortable, safe, and soft area for your dog to play without you having to worry about the repercussions. Contact us today!