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Artificial Turf approved by Simi Valley Council

The Simi Valley City Council Monday night expanded the allowed uses of artificial turf throughout the city to conserve water during the state’s severe drought.
The council adopted an ordinance allowing use of synthetic grass, which does not require as much watering as real grass, in up to 50 percent of the landscape area of multifamily residential and nonresidential properties. The ordinance would not trump homeowners associations rules that forbid synthetic grass, but proposed legislation in Sacramento would.

The council adopted a second ordinance for the front yards of single-family residences, allowing an increase in the use of artificial turf from the current 75 percent to 100 percent of their landscape area.
Both ordinances were introduced by the council last month, when the council declared a Level 2 water supply shortage limiting outdoor watering to twice a week.
Gov. Jerry Brown on April 1 issued an executive order mandating water-use reductions for the first time in California’s history after surveyors found the lowest snow level in the Sierra Nevada snowpack in 65 years of record-keeping.
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