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Rain or Shine, No Mud is Brought in the House with Artificial Turf


With the intermittent rain the Bay Area has been experiencing, it’s no doubt that the compilation of mud brought in to the house by four-legged friends is causing some frustration by pet owners.

No matter how much time, effort, preparation and energy pet owners expend on keeping carpets and flooring stain-free after a rain fall, the reality is that our beloved pets track in the dirt and grime from outside.

Artificial Turf Express has a solution for keeping owners happy, flooring clean, and paws mud-free. Our artificial grass products allow pet owners the ability to install the turf in any area that their beloved friends frequent. Our staff is highly equipped to answer questions about synthetic turf placement and provide you with all of the products, accessories, and instructions needed to install the artificial grass.

Benefits of replacing grass with Artificial Turf Express’s Synthetic Grass Products:

  • Less wear and tear on the landscape
  • Elimination of fertilizers and chemicals that can potentially harm the family pet
  • Artificial turf pays for itself over the life of the synthetic turf-less money is spent watering the lawn or maintaining it
  • Paws remain mud-free which keeps the flooring cleaner and eliminates the need for maintenance and costs associated with cleaning the flooring
  • Fake grass can be raked to retain its original form
  • Synthetic grass can be hosed off and cleaned to remove pet stains and excrement
  • Paws remain safe from injuries caused by rocks, wood chips or materials

California has traditionally had inconsistent rain activity. Now is a great time to take advantage of the dry weather to install artificial grass in your pet’s area. For assistance in providing your best friend with a comfortable, clean, and easy to maintain area that looks and feels natural, contact Artificial Turf Express today.