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Preventing Dog Urine Spots On Your Lawn

Preventing Dog Urine Spots On Your Lawn

Dog owners love their furry family member. However, dogs can pose problems in keeping up a beautiful yard. Their urine can kill grass, turning it yellow or brown. They also tend to dig, causing dirt or mud spots. There are ways to resolve both issues but particularly dog urine spots.



The main thing to remember about dogs, in general, is they are repetitive. Once they are set into a routine, they will stick to the routine. So, adding some elements to your dog’s day will go a long way to reducing dog urine spots. Here are some helpful tips.

Walking Your Dog

Walking your dog daily. Taking them to a park or around the neighborhood will reduce the amount of urine in your yard. Just be sure your pet urinates in proper areas that are unnoticed by neighbors. And you should also follow the rules in parks such as carrying a bag to pick up any fecal matter he produces.

Dogs will benefit in other ways with a daily walk. They get exercise, are stimulated by a different environment, practice impulse control and also bond with you during a walk. This could lead to them being more obedient in other ways too.

Create a Dog-friendly Space

This can be a dog run or a section of the yard just for your pet. Creating a dog space of their own can be highly effective in eliminating dog urine spots. Dogs will go to the same spot over and over, so they can be trained to stay in their space. You can add dog play items or barriers to keep them in that section of the yard, but most dogs are highly trainable and prefer their own space anyway.

Using Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass can be an excellent solution for dog urine spots. You can use it in a dog run or as a natural grass substitute. Today’s artificial grass looks real, so your dog will not be able to tell the difference and will use the bathroom normally. Yet, it is easy to clean up afterward. You just need to remove any fecal matter and rinse with a spray hose.

The best part about artificial grass is it doesn’t stain. Dog urine spots will be a thing of the past. Another added benefit of synthetic grass is dogs can’t dig through it, so you can also eliminate dirt spots and mud holes. If you are thinking about a DIY installation, then you should know the 7 essential tools for installing artificial grass for pets.

Rinsing Grass

Whether you have natural grass or synthetic grass, it is helpful to rinse the area after your dog urinates to prevent dog urine spots. Rinsing dilutes the acid in the urine and prevents staining.

With some basic changes in habits and a little extra effort, you can prevent dog urine spots from ruining your lawn. That way, you can have happier times with your pet and maintain your lawn’s beauty.