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Pesticides Have Detrimental Effects – Eliminate Them with Artificial Grass


If you have a lawn you are most likely using pesticides. It’s an easy decision, but is it the right decision? In this article, we will review some of the downfalls of pesticides and other available options you could consider such as artificial grass or natural pesticides.

Lawns are susceptible to pests, plant diseases, and mildew. This leaves the lawn owner with a couple of troubles to address. If you believe the buzz from any particular yard treatment manufacturer, you would be covering your backyard in chemicals, pesticides and also herbicides in a heartbeat. These harmful chemicals, if used correctly, can leave you with a beautiful lawn, but this is not always the case.


The traces of what’s left in your lawn makes your grass a lot less welcoming when you take a deeper look. A yard covered in chemicals is a risk to you and your household, which includes your kinds and animals. While concerns about certain commonly used pesticide chemicals go back as far as the 80’s, it wasn’t until the past decade or two that individuals have actually ended up being progressively aware of this issue.

The clinical research regarding the impacts of these chemicals is disturbing. Commonly used chemicals in lawn pesticides, insecticides and herbicides have been shown to affect physiological and neurological development in children, as well as adults’ nervous systems and endocrine systems. Research has shown strong proof that young children birthed near farming areas are far more susceptible to cancer cells. Some pesticides might aggravate the skin and irritate your eyes. These areas have even been linked to carcinogens.

Perhaps this is old information to you. You’ve found out much less damaging ways to take care of your backyard, while also caring for on your family. However if you still continuously utilize chemicals in your lawn, or for that matter, in your house, we would certainly motivate you to research this issue more. Pesticides may be found infiltrating and leaking out of more places than you think, including your own home.

Stopping the use of pesticides is your best bet. And it is time to do something about it. Even when used “safely and correctly” plants, humans and animals will still be adversely affected by coming into contact with pesticides. Toxins sprayed around your yard will inevitably enter your blood stream, potentially cause irritation.

You have a few options. First is to use natural ingredients to deter pests, but often times these will not always do the job. Artificial Grass is a great second option which eliminates a lot of problems and has many benefits. Stop dousing your lawn in poison every year and install our fully recycled artificial turf. Artificial Grass is not only low-maintenance, it also guarantees you won’t be battling weeds and pests constantly. Without the layer of thatch found in natural grass, bug infestations are highly unlikely, so you can kiss the insecticides goodbye! The only maintenance you’ll be doing for your artificial grass is blowing debris away with a leaf blower occasionally or giving it a simple hose-down if necessary.