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Five Myths About Artificial Turf


Five Myths About Artificial Turf

If you are interested in installing a synthetic lawn, it is likely that you have heard several myths about artificial turf. In this age of infinite access to information, we’re bound to hear many things that have the potential to shape our decisions. We intend to clear up some of the mysteries about purchasing turf or installing a synthetic lawn.


1. I can’t afford it

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Not all artificial turf installations have to be enormous commercial jobs, or only in the yards of billionaires. Some people see their neighbors’ brand-new artificial lawns and think, “There’s no way I could afford that!” And it’s true, artificial grass installations can be very expensive. Like a car repair, most of the synthetic lawn cost comes from the labor, not the actual turf.

It would be naive to think that every one has the same budget for these projects. People want to spend smart, and having a high quality lawn is important. There are options to purchase very cheap turf, however cheap turf can present all sorts of problems. This cheap turf tends to come from overseas. Many U.S. based companies are shifting away from foreign turf and are sticking with domestic brands because of the high quality. This could mean that turf will be expensive, however we carry turf starting as cheap as $1.97 per square foot.

2. It’s too complicated, I need a professional

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People think that installing turf is too complicated for the average Joe to do themselves. There is some truth to that, there is a lot to know about the process. There are staples, glue, power tools, and a ton of accessories that you need to get the job done. Some people can get very intimidated by a project like this, and don’t know the right professionals.

Fortunately, we are constantly updating our guides. We hope that this will help any first time installer. If not, we have an on-site general contractor that can answer your questions.

3. It LOOKS artificial

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This may have been true years ago, but we are in the modern age of artificial turf. Sometimes people see a synthetic lawn and don’t even realize it’s artificial! The turf of the past definitely looked and felt fake, but now it looks very real.

The turf industry has grown by leaps and bounds through its multiple infill options, and other pro. Companies have sprouted up everywhere, especially in California. These companies are great resources, and often have samples available at their offices and warehouses.

4. It Gets Too Hot

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It’s no secret, artificial grass can heat up when exposed to the sun. This is especially true when using crumb rubber for an installation. From a customer’s perspective, it’s probably better to ask if a synthetic lawn will be used in such hot temperatures.
The best way to explain this is to imagine sand on a beach. When it is directly exposed to the sun’s rays, it heats up. Turf is the same. It also seems likely that if it’s too hot outside, a lawn, whether synthetic or not, probably won’t get that much use.

5. It Isn’t Eco-Friendly


Some people have said that artificial turf isn’t recyclable. This absolutely isn’t the case. At one point in time, manufacturers were not creating recyclable turf. No one even acknowledged that turf can be created from recyclable materials.
Turf may not have the same biological properties as natural grass, but it does have other environmental benefits. The amount of water a homeowner saves when switching to turf is astounding. Most lawn maintenance products use gasoline power, which contributes to the carbon dioxide of the atmosphere. There are many other environmental benefits to replacing natural lawns with synthetic grass. Stay tuned to our blog for more articles about artificial turf!