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Modern Artificial Turf Shows That the Future is Here!


The Difference Between Vintage AstroTurf and Modern Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is one of the landscape design items that has become far more sophisticated over the last few years. Many people remember the original AstroTurf synthetic lawn, which were popularized in the 60’s and 70’s. It was featured in sports and TV shows like The Brady Bunch. While customers who bought AstroTurf enjoyed some of the benefits of having artificial grass, they had what we have today. One of the biggest drawbacks to the old stuff was that it definitely looked fake. Modern artificial turf looks like real grass without any of the hassle. Watering, mowing, and other maintenance are no longer an issue.

vintage astro turf

Another problem with AstroTurf was its durability. Modern artificial turf is much more durable and resilient. It also is much better at draining liquids, which prevents pools of water forming on the surface. These pools of water can breed bacteria and present slipping hazards. Our excellent hole-punch and MaxxFlow drainage technology are fantastic solutions to these issues.

Today, turf features multicolor blades, various brownish tones (thatch) or even have added cushioning through different types of infill.

Both economic and ecological concerns have actually driven property owners to find alternatives to natural grass. Synthetic grass needs no seeding, cutting or watering. The only kind of maintenance that homeowners really need to do is occasional raking, or sometimes use a leaf blower to keep the turf clear of debris.


Synthetic Turf’s Advantages Run Deep

The world of synthetic turf showcases turf’s many advantages, such as of less pollution-spewing lawn mowers, a decrease in extreme chemicals such as plant food or pesticide as well as, essential, considerably much lessmodern artificial turf water usage. Many drought-prone areas offer discounts for people who get rid of natural lawns in favor of turf.

At Artificial Turf Express, we strive at giving the Bay Area genuine selections when it involves installing artificial lawns. Whether you’re a professional, landscaping company or just love the DIY ethic, Artificial Turf Express has the best items for you in stock!

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