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Make Your Lawn More Useful Year-Round with Synthetic Grass


While the fall and winter weather may be perfect for outdoor entertaining, your yard may be less than desirable. Dead grass, bare areas, and other off-season issues make outdoor family time or entertaining with friends more challenging. Synthetic grass can change all that.

Synthetic grass is the best option for year-round use of your lawn. You can use pebbles or concrete to create an outdoor space, but they are hard surfaces. Children’s falls will end in scrapes. They absorb heat too, making the area hotter.

The Comfort of Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass offers cushion for your family and guests. Even barefoot, they won’t be able to tell the difference between artificial turf and real grass. Artificial grass is cool to the touch as well, making it pleasant to walk on.

The Durability of Synthetic Turf

One major difference in synthetic turf and real grass is its durability. High traffic, like a party or a round of flag football, could result in worn grass and bare spots on a natural grass lawn. Synthetic grass can withstand it because it is made for high traffic. Its high durability, with its tough mesh backing, is great for yards with a lot of year-round use.


Having lawn events year round will not destroy the environment if you have synthetic grass. First, the product is made using recycled material. Second, it doesn’t require any water to maintain it so you are doing your part to conserve. Natural grass requires a lot of water, especially when it is dry and hot, to look good and you would find yourself watering more to keep it looking good to use your yard throughout the year. You won’t need all those chemicals you currently use on natural grass either. That also protects the groundwater from becoming tainted by chemicals after each rain. You will save money on your water bill, reduced chemicals, and lawn maintenance too. You can use that money to host more outdoor parties and family gatherings.

Creative Outdoor Uses

Synthetic grass can be used in many creative ways to bring everyone outside all year long. Some of those uses are:

  • Playgrounds
  • Recreational courts
  • Patio dining area
  • Putting green


Synthetic turf is excellent for playgrounds, offering a safe space for children. Since it has cushion and anti-microbial coatings, it prevents scrapes and the spread of bacteria.

Recreational courts

Creating a recreational area, like a volleyball or badminton court, is another great way to get the family outside or a great option for guests at parties. Unlike natural grass, guests won’t leave the court itching from grass allergies and bug bites.

Patio Dining Area

While many people opt for brick or cobblestone patios, synthetic grass offers a more natural looking option. It looks perfect all year and is easy to clean up after events because you just need to spray it down with water.

Putting Green

Many use artificial turf to create a putting green. This offers an excellent entertaining option and helps move people from indoor video games to a fun, outside activity.

One of the best features of synthetic grass is it looks good all year with little effort. That makes it easier to plan and host dinners and events with family and friends. Your yard, which you love, will be more useful year-round and that will give others a chance to love it too.