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Make Your Garden More Dog-Friendly with Artificial Pet Turf


Does your dog have a habit of uprooting plants and digging up holes in your yard, so much so that you’re considering leaving your property bare of anything green? Consider using artificial pet turf. Synthetic grass for pets is highly resilient against canine-induced damage. Read on to get the lowdown on its advantages.


Why Artificial Pet Turf is Ideal for Dog Owners

Synthetic turf is an excellent low-cost and low-maintenance alternative to natural grass. Here’s why you should get it now:

  1. It is safe for dogs.
    Keeping natural grass typically involves regular weed removal and lawn care. It also requires the use of chemicals which are extremely toxic for canines. You don’t need to worry about your pet’s health with artificial pet turf. Since it’s made up of recyclable materials, you don’t need to maintain it with harmful fertilizers and herbicides. You just need to keep it clean.

  2. It is highly durable.
    Synthetic grass smells nothing like soil and vegetation, so dogs are less likely to dig holes in it. Artificial grass is also more resistant to dog excrements compared to natural grass. Unlike natural turf, synthetic grass doesn’t get discolored or damaged from dog poop and urine. You can use non-toxic cleaning products to get rid of unpleasant odors without killing your lawn or endangering your pet. You can also apply premium artificial turf accessories from San Jose like the Zeofill pet odor infill.

  3. It helps keep your dog and your home clean.
    Dirt, mud, grass blades, and the occasional yard debris. These are some of the things that your dog will drag into your home after a romp in a natural lawn. Imagine all the scrubbing (dog) and cleaning (house) to get rid of them.

    Minimize post-romp cleanups with a synthetic lawn. Covered soil and artificial grass mean that your canine will have fewer chances of getting muddy and dirty. To avoid scattering, place loose artificial grass accessories, like pet odor infills, in strategic locations.

  4. It does not host bugs.
    Another reason why dogs and natural turf is not a great combination is the prevalence of various critters in the latter. There’s no telling whether your pooch is still tick- or flea-free after a romp in a natural lawn. With artificial grass for pets, however, you don’t need to guess. Most pests tend to steer clear of the synthetic material.

  5. It is easy to maintain.
    As mentioned before, you don’t need to apply chemicals or wage war against weed and bugs to maintain artificial grass. You just need to keep it clean. Synthetic turf upkeep involves washing, rinsing, and grooming it regularly.

Choose the Best Grass for Your Furry Friends!

Searching for premium artificial pet turf for your yard? Artificial Turf Express has you covered. Let our experts help you choose the perfect synthetic grass for you to install at your property. Call us at 408-317-4730 today!