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Becoming Familiar With Artificial Grass Jargon


artificial grassLinear feet, pile height, stitch rate: All these terms may fly right over the new customer. Its important to do enough research on the terminology so that one can understand exactly what they’re looking at. Nothing could be worse than getting an improper installation or something you don’t want because you weren’t able to communicate effectively that which you wanted. In this article we hope to define some of the jargon one will hear when shopping for artificial grass. By becoming familiar with artificial grass jargon one can be sure to ask the right questions and get exactly what they are looking for! Here is a short list of words to know:

Pile height – The vertical height of the tall, uncurled fiber of the artificial grass.

Gauge – Tthe distance between stitch rows. The different sizes are usually 3/8″, 1/2″, or 5/8″ for landscape type turf, and are normally closer for putting green types ex. (3/16″ or 5/32″) and even farther apart for sport type turf (up to 3/4″).

Stitch Rate – The number of stitches in a set distance – usually a stitch for every 10cm or 3″.

Square Foot – Signifies the amount of space in a given area. Artificial Turf is sold by square feet (sq ft.) and is usually cut in a rectangle, the size is calculated as the length times the width.  An example, a 15 foot wide and 30 foot long piece of artificial grass is equal to 450 square feet.

Linear Foot – Most companies sell artificial grass off of a 15′ wide roll. The linear feet pretty much is the foot length to go with that roll. In the example above, the linear feet is 30′.

Artificial Grass Backing – The artificial grass backing is what the grass and thatch materials are laced through and kept together. It is important to buy artificial grass with quality backing. The quality of the backing can determine the over all lifespan of that artificial grass. Be sure to discuss with your turf experts the differences between the artificial grass backing of the turf you’re interested in!

These are just some of the more common jargon used when discussing artificial grass. Now that you’re equipped with some knowledge of common terminology in the artificial grass world you are more prepared for committing to an artificial grass installation. Knowing this, we hope you can go out there and find something amazing for your home. Good luck and half fun!