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Tired of Lawn Pests? Artificial Turf Can Drastically Reduce Them


You know how it is. You want to barbecue with the family, maybe play catch or swim with the kids, but are constantly interrupted by bugs trying to bite you or your family. Kiddos are miserable and no one wants to be outside. Artificial turf could be the solution for your insect problems.


It may seem odd to say installing artificial turf will reduce insects in your yard, but there is science behind the claim. Artificial grass reducing insects in three primary ways:

  • Prevents breeding
  • Eliminates food source
  • Reduces standing water

Artificial Turf Can Stop Breeding

Artificial turf comes with a tough mesh backing that lays over the dirt. Infill, typically a smoothly polished sand infill, is poured between the blades. This completely covers dirt, blocking insects’ access to it.

This helps reduce bugs by both preventing them from breeding and eating. Most bugs breed and hatch larvae in the dirt. Eliminating access to your dirt means they will move elsewhere.

Blocks Food Sources

Most insects also look to dirt as a food source. Blocking access to their food source will force them to go somewhere else. It also reduces food because artificial turf does not pollinate. The pollen from natural grass attracts bugs, so eliminating pollen will ultimately reduce the insect population in your yard.

That also means it will reduce allergies for you and your family as well.

It also eliminates a food source for insects because the blades are not real. Some bugs eat natural grass. Artificial turf is uneatable since the blades are many of a synthetic, polyurethane component. Bugs can’t eat them and will figure out they need to go somewhere else.

Eliminates Standing Water

Everyone understands that standing water attracts bugs like mosquitoes. This poses several health risks as well as being aggravating. Mosquitoes can carry diseases like the West Nile virus, encephalitis, yellow fever and Zika fever. Mosquitoes can transmit these diseases without becoming sick themselves. These diseases can run rampant. In fact, one million people die and another 700 million are infected every year globally from the mosquito-borne disease.

Installing artificial turf eliminates standing water. Your ground is prepared for installation by looking at its unique topography and leveling where necessary. Holes and valleys, areas that typically hold standing water, are corrected. Installers create a drainage plan and put it in place before laying your artificial grass. Rainwater drains off quickly and never sits in a puddle in your yard. Mosquitoes and other water-oriented bugs never have a place to breed.

Ends Chemical Sprays

Anyone trying to get rid of insects uses chemicals both on the yard and themselves to prevent biting. However, chemicals come with their own problems. They aren’t environmentally friends and can, over the course of years, actually cause health problems because they are absorbed into the skin. Installing artificial turf eliminates the need for all these chemicals and that could improve the health of your family.

Homeowners will find installing artificial turf will make their family time in the yard much more enjoyable as it will greatly reduce the amount of insects. That will make summer fun again.